Tough at the top: Girls believe female leaders suffer widespread harassment

By Sonia Elks

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Everything mentioned in this report and interview is pure opinion, aspiration and expectation... While I don't doubt some of these female "leaders" will face harrassment in the future but that is also just my / their opinion and expectation...

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Their idiots, females wanting to become leaders, yeah sure improve that and then they're gonna be be stupid and realized "I shouldn't have become a female leader of my country" lol

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There are plenty more men who will be on the receiving end of harassment and bullying. Generally speaking, me. Are more ambitious. Not everyone can stand at the top. So a lot of guys are going to miss out on their dreams. We don’t reward people with top positions just because they dream about it.

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Women at the top do go through a lot. They face a lot of criticism, harassment, and more. One of the big things is they have to shut up and put up with it to be one of the “boys.”

I know many women who were at the top or on their way up and they would tell me about the things they would have to go through. They have to work harder, put up with more, and conform a lot more than men. Also, their actions are under closer watch and they are more scrutinized. If they promote other women, even that is under closer review because it may seem like they are just helping other women get ahead.

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Ladies, newsflash for you all it is NO PICNIC for ANYONE who wants to be a leader, get into top management!!

MOST MEN NEVER GET THERE or even close! And yeah if you don't think men have to take any crap in the work place, I got news for you WE ALL DO!!

Why do you think most men HATE THEIR JOBS...………...simple because it is not a lot of fun & games for most men, so ladies if you want to join in all this go ahead, but enough of the whining & excuses.

If there is REAL harassment myself like most everyone else what to see if PROPERLY dealt with, and ladies as I said men also take a LOT of abuse in workforce just saying!

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99 out of 100 men won't make it to the top. I have had male and female bosses both throw me under the bus to cover their mistake or advance their agenda. However guys cannot play the sexual harassment card or put out to get a promotion.

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You make it sound as if men and women both get equal opportunities. I can give you a great example. When I started out as a banker. Myself and another person got the job at the same time. We started together and worked in the same branch. I was black and he was white. The top banker in our branch was a female. Even though I averaged two to three times the production of the white guy, he was still selected to get his investment licenses before I or the top banker. The top banker averaged at least 4 times what I averaged. The banker that first received his investment licenses barely made his number every month. Still he was pushed ahead and heavily favored and couldn't really produce. Took me 6 months of strong production and the female banker an extra year before she received her investment licenses. Eventually myself and the white banker went on to become private client bankers. The female banker eventually left the company after continuously getting passed up for her promotions. The white guy became a private banker without even once achieving the requirements to do so. You needed a book of business of at least $10M investable assets under management in order to qualify for the private banker role. The white guy didn't even have $1M. I had to get to $19M to finally have them grant me the opportunity I kept asking for.

So please don't say that the workplace is equal. Sure, everyone has to take a lot to move up. However, some people have to take a lot less by virtue of being born a certain gender or color. Even when I eventually became a mid market director for a different company, I still had to go through a much tougher route.

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@JJ this article is about women, not about black people.

I don’t think people are claiming that women have equal opportunity as men. I think they are merely pointing out that the men also phase lots of challenges and hurdles if they’re trying to be at the top - it’s not just a woman thing.

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Everything mentioned in this report and interview is pure opinion, aspiration and expectation... While I don't doubt some of these female "leaders" will face harrassment in the future but that is also just my / their opinion and expectation.

It's a statistical fact that since around 2015 the Main Stream has been pushing victimhood at a doubling or even 3 times rate when compared to before 2015. It's not only vicitimhood the Main Stream Media has been pushing since 2015 or so, it's Gender, Race, equality, articles mentioning "Empathy", NYT articles mentioning "White culture, Whites, White Americans, White people", NYT articles mentioning "Slavery, Enslavement/Bondage/Chattel and Blacks/African Americans", and that's only the tip of the Iceberg.

Many have focused on the Main Stream Media publishing over 90% negative on Trump, but it's not just Trump, that's a distraction it's all this far leftist madness that's being pushed. There is indeed a push by the Main Stream to indoctrinate the masses into false beliefs, and many are just eating it all up. It's as if division of the masses is the name of the game, and they're winning by the looks of it. Japan Today does a lot of opinion, leaving out the other side of the Story, another thing is, the Hate on Japan Today's comments section, they need a moderator, but they'd probably just use it to censor out any differing opinions with their own opinions. The hate comes in the form of name calling with little to no background or facts to go along with it, quoting people out of context seems to be a game now days, highly biased opinions.

I loved that one about the Demonstrations against Trump in London, they could only muster a thousand people or so at the Demo, ( thousands of placards and banners went unused because too few even bothered to show up in the rain.) but Main Stream Media sure tried to blow it up big, Trump get's 10's of thousands at his talks, where is that story ever, I expect that from CNN, but they all do it.

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@JJ Jetplane: just to clarify, white bosses will without hesitation throw white males under the bus and we have no victim or race card to play.

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i know the article is about women and not block people. I was simply giving a live example where equal opportunities don’t exist. Which is why I mentioned the female banker that far outclassed myself and the other banker but found it harder to move up.


i am not saying that bosses won’t throw white people or men under the bus as well. At the end of the day, people sacrifice who they have to in order to save themselves. But the opportunities given are what are disproportionate.

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teaching girls to be victims?

i prefer teaching girls to be fighters.

activism promoting victimhood is a worldwide

poison in english-speaking people.

the rest of the world sees this way of thinking

and walks away.

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Researchers surveyed girls aged from 15 to 24 in countries including the United States, Canada, Denmark, India, Japan, Peru, South Sudan, and Uganda for the study

Right, so I'd like to see those results broken down by nationality. It seems pretty obvious to me that girls in India and Sudan are going to have more of a problem with harassment than girls in the US or Denmark, given the high levels of violence against women in India and Sudan, but the 90%+ of females reporting expected difficulties is presented as an overall figure. Having said that, I have no doubt whatsoever that females in the West face more harassment in the workplace than do males.

I also have no doubt that the workforce is an unequal place in many other ways. In the West, for non-white, Muslim, and working-class kids, for instance. Anyone who thinks it takes the same amount of effort for a rich kid to make it as it does for a poor kid is kidding themselves. The dice are loaded in many ways, in every society.

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Uk has had 2 female PMs. Both have been ousted out. That tells us something, right.

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Uk has had 2 female PMs. Both have been ousted out. That tells us something, right.

Does it? What is it that tells us? I'm quite curious, as I'm not seeing it telling me anything in particular. I mean, I'm only looking at it with a logical eye, whereby the information on hand is:

Country: United Kingdom

Leader: Prime Minster

Number of female PM: 2

Fired PMs: 2

Ok.... I'm not seeing enough information to draw any logical conclusion of any kind, from a sample size of two.

What is it you're concluding? And how does the available information show that conclusion to be accurate?

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@JJ Jetplane - do you know any foreigners who work for a local Japanese government office? I wonder how the "corporate" culture is there.

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Uk has had 2 female PMs. Both have been ousted out. That tells us something, right.

The best way to look at it is Tory Party leaders in modern history when women started to occupy top positions in government. Thatcher ( female ), May ( female), Duncan-Smith ( male ) and Heath ( male ) were all ousted because they were seen as performing badly. Thatcher went nuts at the end, May couldn’t unite her party, Heath lost to Wilson again and Duncan-Smith couldn’t put a dent in Blair’s landslide wins. I’d say all 4 probably deserved to go.

The score is 2-2.

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Girls worldwide hope to become leaders, but they expect to face sexism and harassment when they get there, a global child rights organization said in a report released this week.

A couple of points: The focus on differences instead of commonalities will only exacerbate social tensions and resentment. Very few people of either sex become elite level leaders. Though in general males and females are mostly similar there are scientifically documented differences between the interests of males and females - particularly at the extremes ( for example males are more aggressive and that is why the vast majority of people in prison are male ). Achieving numerical parity will require even more of the current active discrimination against males (presumably against white males but increasingly against non-white males). Governments are increasingly using demographic differences to favor certain groups over others.

All of these factors rather than a general support for the rights of individuals and free choice point to less social stability as the Marxist inspired identity politics proliferates.

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