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Toyota's global sales for February hit record high


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Not to stir the pot but Toyota is bigger than some nations, even. North Korea and Myanmar, for example. A company that has consistently pushed innovation. A finest example.

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No surprises. Toyota just keeps getting bigger and better. They make the best, most innovative and most reliable cars on earth.

My Toyota is just 16km from ticking over to 300,000km. Says it all!

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Kudos , Toyota produces Quality, Reliable , Affordable , automobiles and on top of that it has the best Customer Service. Hard to imagine not being NO. 1.

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hope all the employees get a record bonus to cover the record inflation

Yes, surely, but they are some of the very least in the chain who need it. The overwhelming majority is not employed at Toyota or not even has any income at all.

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I AM humbled to be see this news. I raise my arm, and salute to toyota boss. This shows to me Japan is become to dominate into car business, and also baseball, in just two weeks.

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We’ve had an aqua since new, just hit 140,000km and getting 30-35kml on the 50km eachway to work, funny how in winter with the heater on only gets 25kml.great cars

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As much as I want to buy a better/safer car for work (most likely a Volvo), I'm in sales and drive about 30,000 miles a year so Toyotas are perfect for how I drive. I've put about 200,000 miles on my Toyota Camry and it's never been to the shop for any work, save for a recall on the torque converter. Nothing else serious has come up with it. All the basic stuff like replacing brakes or a starter, ignition coils, plugs... all are very simple to do myself with a little assistance from YouTube. Our family car is a Volvo and that thing couldn't be more of a pain in the rear end to work on. Just changing the cabin air filter is a hour-long ordeal, taking the dash apart and pulling out fuse boxes to get at the filter. My Toyota? I can change the filter in 3 minutes in the parking lot of the auto parts store without any tools.

I think I'll be buying another Toyota.

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What joke that workers on the floor got a 100 yen per hour pay rise. Toyota have Mega profit and yet they still have short arms and long pockets. Disgusting Corporate treatment of workers.

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Delays in delivery are especially long in Japan

What is that delay ? I am sure it is a matter of weeks.

Here in France, just received today the notification of the arrival of my new (professional) car

It took over 9 months. And it is not yet delivered !

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Continues to prop up the Japanese economy. Bless you oh mighty Toyota.

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...and yet not a single compliment to the man responsible for the result, Akio Toyoda.

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Good news and well done Toyota. A little surprising for them to hit a record now, given the delivery delays.

My Toyota is a 2008 and still going strong after 15 years and 150,000km. Which is great and everything, I hope to get a few more years out of it. The flip side is that a decent number of cars being sold now in 2023 are probably going to be on the road in 2040. The government has announced all kinds of things happening regarding the environment and emissions by 2040 or 2050, but It's hard to see how any of such targets are going to be hit with 2023 level cars (and 20 whatever level houses). It all sounds like false promises to reassure people and take the focus off business as usual.

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Toyota is facing a financial disaster the end of this year with China stopping sales of all gasoline cars in July. Millions of cars are in inventory in China and can't be sold. Dealerships will all collapse. It's part of the Chinese plan to drive out all foreign carmakers now that they have learned what they need for domestic manufacturing.

20% of Toyota total global sales are in China. That goes away the this year.

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Toyota is facing a financial disaster the end of this year with China stopping sales of all gasoline cars in July

eh? Source?

So far, only one province (Hainan, a small island) has officially ratified a ban by 2030).

Are you erroneously referring to state subsidies for BEVs?

I would ve much more concerned with Nidec and its new e-Axle business in China, given Tesla has announced its new 'complete' drive train will cost less than $1k. For Nidec, that will be billiobs p1$$3d up a wall, not to mention loss of a good CEO (Seki) as well.

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