Toyota's annual net profit jumps 10.3%; further growth forecast

By Shingo ITO and Hiroshi HIYAMA

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Toyota made mistake of investing billions into Hydrogen. Had all their eggs in one basket. Now playing catch up in EV market. It was so bad that they released all the patents related to their Hydrogen R&D for free. Hoping that market would catch on in last ditch attempt. Was a total failure. Solid state batteries and EV paved the way for the future. Tesla a junior in a traditionally dominated industry has double in market value size, compared to Toyota in a decade. Digitization has brought the convergence of different industry. The market disruption that is gonna come from countries that have advanced in and understanding this. Japan well... youll see.

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You nailed it. Electricity is available everywhere hydrogen is not. Toyoda bet on the wrong horse. As goes internal combustion engines do goes Toyota.

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Toyota is doing very well. However, what is happening with N-----N?

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@Fighto! - yes you are absolutely correct, the biggest danger for Japan is too much reliance on PRC, for sales and manufacturing. the world will not be able to contain the monster it created....

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Satoru Takada, auto analyst at Tokyo-based research and consulting firm TIW, told AFP before the announcement. "Toyota has maintained steady production while releasing timely models in major markets."

Timely models? Who is he kidding. They have almost nothing new to show. Hybrids were the technology of the last decade.

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For the year to March 2022, it now projects an annual net profit of 2.3 trillion yen, up 2.4 percent.

Forecast too conservative. Expecting at least 3 trillion Yen of profit from Toyota this year.

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Good on em. They make reliable cars, none of which I want to purchase. I’m a Mazda man, but that’s just me. I do not begrudge them their profit.

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You nailed it. Electricity is available everywhere hydrogen is not. Toyoda bet on the wrong horse. As goes internal combustion engines do goes Toyota.

Not so fast. You probably live in a big city. I live out in the sticks and travel roads that don't have charging stations. Winters are cold. The battery warmers alone use up over half of a charge on something like a Tesla. Add in the necessity of using chains in the snow, which restricts speeds to no more than 50 kph and there are a lot of towns that are too far apart for winter travel in electric vehicles. You have similar distances in Australia between cattle stations on lonely outback roads. For places like where I live hydrogen or perhaps ammonia fueled engines are maybe the only practical alternative. Likewise for long haul trucking, heavy off road equipment, construction equipment, ships, aircraft and probably trains because in most of North America and Australia railroads do not have overhead wires and the cost to do so over the vast distances they travel is prohibitive. Unless you have traveled in unpopulated wide open places like where I live you do not understand the limits of electric vehicles.

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Biggest carmaker in the world, amazing and groundbreaking cars. I drive one.

But much of this profit is on the back of dealings with Communist China. Toyota (and other big corporations) should NOT be doing business - manufacturing and sales - in the PRC. Divest NOW before its too late.

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Toyota is truly the best in the world! Number 1 forever! Toyota is so innovative with hydrogen and EVs. the future is toyota.

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Toyota is truly the best in the world!

Do your own routine maintenance on one and you won't be so enthusiastic about them. Believe me. The interior plastics don't age well either.

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