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Toyota at top in global vehicle sales for first 9 months


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while VW and Toyota sold almost the same amount of vehicles , Toyota made about 25%, $5billion more profit. when it comes to efficiency noboby beats Toyota. Looks like VW will take a big hit next year in sales/proifts

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I have 2 Toyota's and we love both of them. Would not have anything else.

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The U.S. is going to have to replenish all the ISIS Toyotas that Russia is destroying, so Toyota sales should stay up for a bit. lol!

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so Toyota sales should stay up for a bit. lol! ah no Toyota sales will stay up because it the most efficient and profitable automaker in the world. people buy Toyotas because they last and are excellent value. ISIS arnt stupid they just buy the best 4x4 for the job at hand.

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