Toyota celebrates rare opening of Japan plant


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Horey!!! Job stays in Japan! Great news to keep BEST QUALITY products made in Japan.

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japanese should wake up. They should feel the heat. Japanese lost everything to China,or stollen. But still world trust Japan , MADE IN JAPAN. Keep the standard and you will see all world will line up for Made in Japan. It is pitty we can not buy much made in Japan in JAPAN.

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Moving production to the countryside (actually a lot of big plants are in the country, but still reasonably close to cities) could be a smart move if local workers are willing to work for lower wages than those closer to the cities.

This would benefit the workers by having steady employment (while the plant is running). The company would not have to go through the import/export process with materials and (semi)finished goods and the quality would be better controlled om home soil. The main concern would be domestic transport costs, which unfortunately not cheap.

Then again, it's more of a "halfway" step as opposed to moving manufacture overseas which works against Japan in the long run.

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I never knew that Sendai was in central Japan. The area is nice, but over the years the urban sprawl has covered much of the surrounding countryside. The Toyota factory is built outside of the city, adding to the sprawl and environmental destruction. Building on a brown-field site would have been much better, but that would mean a loss of profit and we can't have that can we?

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Japan should increase production of best quality products "made in Japan".

This positive branding image of MADE IN JAPAN has been successfuly penetrated in global economy. Products Made in Japan are well trusted and has a competitive edge.

Thank you for listening.

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Anyone know if Toyota get tax breaks for building this domestic factory?

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I never knew that Sendai was in central Japan

You beat me to it. I always thought that Tohoku literally meant "North East" and frankly, most people, I thought, consider Tohoku to be Northern Japan...

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"made in Japan"

1955 Doc: No wonder this circuit failed. It says "Made in Japan."

Marty: What do you mean, Doc? All the best stuff is made in Japan.

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Congratulations to Toyota and Japan. Keep making high-quality products. Made-In-Japan products are the best in the world. Don't compromise that! Made-In-China are junks!

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