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Toyota chief apologizes for cheating on testing at group company – again


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Reminds me of the song “Your cheating heart” will tell on you.

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In Japan company execs really need to good in bowing.

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I've worked at/with several Japanese manufacturing companies over many years. They all cheat on data.

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These problems and lack of attention to safety can be threatening to life.

My vehicle from Dihatsu is subject to recall over the door locking function.

In a crash it could be that the locking system is activated meaning that it could be impossible to open the doors.

In the event of a fire and not being able to hastily leave the vehicle then death would occur.

Japanese manufacturers need to clean up their act.

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"Just in Time" production, workers pressured to cut seconds off the work process, miniscule improvements that add up to quicker production and greater profits, but at the price of quality, safety, integrity and workers' quality of life. W E Deming did not expect this outcome of his work philosophy.

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Bow and forgive repeat...bow and forgive!

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Yikes, Toyota's obsession with hydrogen fuel cell also a lie of sorts, just different class. Legacy auto industry is under pressure, EV growth, especially new Chinese players and Tesla, taking serious MARKET SHARE DAILY.

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Good for Japanese people see true ethical reality those considered leaders. Though Toyota's been steadily falling globally in market cap. rankings, without massive BOJ ETF share purchasing, it would rank far lower.

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Global ICE vehicle production PEAKED in 2019. Legacy ICE auto makers have Open Ended Secular Downward trend in their ICE global vehicle market. That's STRESS

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“We recognize that not only people at the testing site but also management did not have proper understanding of certification,” he said.


Honestly, almost no one wants to do a poor job.

But there are pressures in organizations that lead to people saying screw it and taking theme wrong options.

Useless management is ultimately the root of this problem.

The tough part is to find that useless management and replace it with better management. Organizations are very difficult to change, because a lot of people are not equipped to change. It seems easier to apply a bandaid solution, pretend all is rosy - and then maybe change jobs and leave the dirty laundry behind for someone else to deal with.

Good luck to Toyota management.

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Maybe the testing requirements may be too severe or unobtainable.

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Maybe the testing requirements may be too severe or unobtainable.

Possibly. If the testing burden is high due to trivial tests mixed in with important ones, the likely result is a culture where cheating can occur on important tests, which is exactly what we do not want.

For quality control, focus is more important than a simple "more testing is better" attitude.

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Toyoto's CEO? Koji Sato? Apologising? For what? For Cheating?

Hard to Believe!

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Japan firmly stands on the doctrine of apology. Here's the thing "Toyota", sadly your days are counted. Global business and consumers will take their business elsewhere the moment BRICS+S storms the marketplace. Unless Toyota complies with regulatory mandates of product assurance, and refrain from apologetic bows will foster a general public acceptance, it will be Toyota's doomsday.

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Good thing Toyota has Huge BOJ ETF share purchase support. BOJ not demanding as its taxpayer 'printed' money!

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Fairly standard way of doing business in Japan. As I said previously, this country has an impressively low crime rate for violent crimes. But theft and fraud are way out of control. Many Japanese companies do both regularly.

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This is why a slap on the wrist and a bow are not enough to prevent crooks to cheat the system again.

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You kind of wonder the value of these apologies from the higher ups, along with the resignations. Completely planned and false, IMO.

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Good comments all. What's missing is culture of tech. and constant innovation. Toyota's so busy hanging on to Hybrid and ICE vehicles, purely $biz culture. Not one focused on creating news markets and new solutions.

Therein lies fundamental Toyota 'corruption' problem.

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Maybe the testing requirements may be too severe or unobtainable.

That’s an interesting one.

If the requirements are too severe or unobtainable, the requirements / regulations are useless, as it would imply that they are being broadly ignored by all.

It’s a possibility.

Sometimes regulations do get out of date, and make zero sense in a modern context, but everyone says “shikataganai” that is the way the regulations are…

(At the end of the day, I personally would trust Toyota to build a good car than I would trust the authorities to ensure their regulations and requirements pass muster.)

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