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Toyota chief promises shareholders profits despite pandemic


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Profit when no one is buying cars because they can't be sure what the next few weeks, months, or years will look like. Very ambitious.

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It’s not only Automobile industry’s affecting COVID-19 but also been in a transition or revolution for past recent years in response to proposals is automated and EVs

Despite these situation , profit staying in black is outstanding

So I really look forward to TOYOTA’s actions under his strong Japanese leadership and foresight

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Toyota is one company that we should all keep an eye on. If they start to hurt, then we know that we’re really in big trouble economically. If they can squeeze by or even thrive, then there’s hope.

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Minnasan don't worry be happy.

If Toyota won't have money to pay to the stockholders then BoJ will print some extra few billions.

I think elites and government still doesn't really understand that this was and still is one of the biggest problems of the current economy.

They print the money to keep companies and stockholders without loss. All that financial aid goes to the corporations and regular people get 100 000 yen to live on.

What I see here it's communism where big companies are in hand of government or national revolution because there will be no work.

P.S Better stick to the big corporations instead of small, local companies.

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Toyota, U educated me again abt japanese business practice.

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Unfortunate for them, the global auto industry is in a depression since 2008. Toyota and other Japanese auto makers exist to provide jobs for Japanese people. This is why none of them will ever collapse, and we will only see the big firms consolidate smaller firms like Toyota absorbed Daihatsu.

The American industry downsizes its production to cut costs and bet profits on R&D and patents. This is why GM or Ford does not go down yet, because the amount of invested and researched technologies are too great to fall. Of course, the US government won't let those invaluable assets be fallen into foreign hands. China auto industry is even in the worse position with many auto makers struggle to stay alive. Many Chinese electric auto makers have went bankrupt or are in bad position. Chinese government is considering to nationalize them for employment stability of a billion people. Europe also adopts the similar position with China and Japan, employment stability is over the profits. Only the US pursues the profitable path through destroying jobs and cutting costs.

It will be exceedingly long time for the global auto industry returns to real profitability. Everyone has been struggling for a decade now.

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The automaker has refrained from cutting any jobs. Instead it says it will reduce costs by scrutinizing and improving every aspect of its business.This is great ceo all are cutting jobs inspite of operating profit goes down to extreme level he said with cost cutting we can over come and make all others happy including investors.

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