Toyota chief says rising yen could force production shifts


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Well folks as I predicted look for more of the big "J" companies to look at not only shifting more production out of Jpn but research & possibly their head offices!

Hey you idiots in Nagatacho, are you even paying attn, that is the question!

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But Toyota already has been making a significant portion of its cars overseas. The Thai plant alone rolls out over half a million vehicles a year. This announcement seems really disengenuous.

The high yen, an external factor seen as caused by foreigners, does seem like a convenient excuse.

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Interestingly - he uses the term region and not country.

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Toyota has totally messed up and it will take a very very very long time before they can become number one again. That is if they are lucky. I think Mr. Toyota of today is not as brilliant as his grandfather and he has not imagination to make the company as popular as it once was when his grandfather was dunning it.

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Most countries are iengaged in competitive devaluations of their currency, Japan seems very weak in not aggresivly doing the same, fearing a backlash.

Well others just ignore the veiled threats and nothing happens, dont quite understand the Japan Government over this issue.

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Actually, Toyota's problem comes from the general economic condition of Japan. Is devaluation of Yen a real solution? Perhaps...

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Is devaluation of Yen a real solution? Perhaps...

Devalue it HOW? Interests are zero. Debt is the highest in the history of mankind. What else can they do?

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Why not stay here and provide job for those graduates and others looking for work? They might not get the highest pay, but at least they would be working, and that would contribute to the overall health of Japan...

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The company "life cycle" of Toyota seems approaching the end of high growth.. Days are getting closer for the New big threes from some of the emerging economies -- like the " old S : Sony " replaced by the "New S : Samsung" ?

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JeffLee at 08:04 AM JST - 16th January But Toyota already has been making a significant portion of its cars overseas.

Yup. Toyota actually has an internal system that determines the most cost-effective location to produce parts and that plant produces all the parts, which are then merely assembled regionally. At present I believe it's South Africa because of the cheaper raw materials and labour.

There's no actual change in manufacturing principles here, but what Toyoda may be hinting at is that Toyota Japan will be granting greater autonomy to the regional offices. Up until now decision making has been centralised in Japan, and this has been a catastrophic failure, particularly given the cultural differences in the regional labour forces and markets.

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And what about the plant in Tennessee in the USA? Is that a "regional" plant or a national plant outside of Japan? Will Toyota kill Tenn. and Thailand as they said "to reinvest in Japanese capability." This was in June when the payoffs began on lawsuits.

Funny, Toyoda didn't mention if these plants are gone or kept.

And will the workers in Thailand and the other "regions" ... oopss ... nations be paid above the "region's" min. wage?

Those are the big questions facing Toyota. And their safety issues as well.

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Daihatsu which is owned by Toyota are pulling out of europe so there is a fair bit of rejigging going on, I doubt toyota will close thailand assembly though as it has been a success story for toyota and still remains profitable.

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Toyotomi: Since when is there a Toyota plant in Tennessee? And BTW, Toyota pays way more than min. wage in all regions of the world for several reasons beyond your understanding.... What is the point to all of your comments? Do some research before making random and ignorant accusations please.

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