Toyota China sales in Sept halved from August


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The slide has started. Ishihara must be really ecstatic watching this economic downward spiral. does he really believe that Japan can go it alone.

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It does hurt Chinese partners of the respective JV engaged with Toyota. However, the net exports of Lexus directly made in Japan ( came to a halt ) will suffer the most if the conflicts persist over time. Above all, identifiable J brands will encounter resistance by barriers ( minor impacts such as more lengthy customs clearance etc ), the main threats will be resulted from the general consumers' reaction of widespread boycotts ( nonetheless, money is in their pockets ! ). What is safer are those core components ( made in Japan inside ) & loyalties from patented technologies. Many J brands had ironically adopted tactics of hiding J identity : example, using phonetic translation of J brands instead of direct Kanji based brands -- Nippon Paints, Bridgestone.

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Obviously, this kind of problems will happen time to time in Communist China. Now it's time to decide for Japanese Companies for their investment in Communist China. Unfairly treatment on Japanese Companies by Communist Chinese Government will happen all the times because of Mafia style Communist leadership in Communist China. They like to blackmail rather than using their brain. Japanese Companies doing business in Communist China is hurt pride of Japanese peoples honor as well. I believe Japanese business community must stop investing in Communist China and must stop expanding their business activity from now. Communist Chinese leaders will always connect between politic and business.

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Kobuta Chan...don't forget who started this crisis..It was the Japanese and not the Chinese..The Chinese would have left the island status quo as is and everyone who have been happy but the Japanese right wingers push this issue to the forefont and now both countries will be affected..Like it or not, Chinese is the biggest market for Japan and the rest of the world. Your attitude of take or leave it will not do Japanese companies or Japanese economy any good. Other countries such as S. Korea, US, and European companies will fill the void..

Its too bad because personnally, I used to only purchase a Honda or Toyota since the quality is very high and the price is attractive but the recent developments by the Japanese right wingers pushing the envelop with Korea and China reminds me of what my Father told me about the Japanese cruelity during WWII on the Korean and Chinese people..Therefore until Japanese right wingers get under control and start to get along with its neighbors, I will stop purchasing Japanese made products...This is my own personal feeling..

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