Toyota cuts output target


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I hope Ishihara is satisfied. His unbridled ego will cost Toyota millions in lost sales and set them back, and the rest of Japan Inc. years in the world's fastest growing economy. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

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The BIG 3 Japanese car companies should come out and protest. This is pathetic...

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NISSAN, as announched in NIKKEI NEWS last night, will invest 3-OKU YEN (about 375 Million US Dollars) in Thailand to build factories capable of producing an additional 400,000 passenger cars per year.

I hope TOYOTA should also invest in THAILAND and/or other SE-Asian countries like what NISSAN motors did last night.

NISSAN was also a victim of CHINA's discriminated boycott of Japanese products (thought they are made in Chinas factories)

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I am sorry, it is 300-OKU YEN investment (375 million US Dollar)

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