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Toyota denies report on possible GM hybrid deal


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These people would never give anything for free. Too El Kechi.

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And why should they give stuff for free to their competition?

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First Nissan gets 100 billion yen from the US government for EVs, now this. If my hunch is right, I see US and Japanese auto makers about to team up to take on the rest of the world for the last bastion of the auto market. The strategy is simple, leapfrog chinas attempts to corner their national market with higher tech vehicles. The Europeans for obvious reasons cant compete with this advanced technology so it looks like the di has been cast.

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I am sure they wouldn't "give it away" rather a license where GM must pay royalties and then be more reliant on Toyota.

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I can't believe the situation GMC is in. It would be better if Toyota cuts a deal on hybrid technology w/ GM. It's not good for them to falter, especially when they have advanced technology.

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ronaldk is right. Toyota's already patented their hybrid technology to death. No one gets a free pass to their Hybrids.

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Why would they support GM. Take Gm's market share in my opinion.

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I feel that there may be a reason for Toyota to want to license/sell the technology right now... I predict that hybrid drivetrains are but a temporary stage in powertrain technology. The future will predominantly be hydrogen, electricity, natural gas, or a combination of those. Sure, there will be gasoline-fueled (fossil fueled) powerplants, but they will be for the ones with disposable income. Hybrids will no longer be economically viable somewhere along the line.

So it would make sense for Toyota to try and recoup some of their billions they've invested by selling it to competitors right now. It will take the purchaser up to two years to design, test, and tool up (including vendor negotiations, capital equipment, etc.) for these hybrids... Just imho.

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" Toyota denied a Japanese media report Monday that it was studying a possible deal to offer its hybrid technology to General Motors Corp if the U.S. automaker expresses any interest. "

That would be the same General Motors that now a de-fact state enterprise, headed by that famous automobile executive Barack Obama?

I can see a reason why Toyota would give technology to that artificial enterprise with bottomless government pockets and all sorts of political handles: Politics.

Don´t try to look to for business calculations or even common sense here; that is besides the point.

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