Toyota exec: Camry will stay as U.S. top-selling car


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The largest segment in the US is led by Toyota, Honda and Nissan.

And Detroit whinges that the Japan market is closed?

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I bought a Honda Accord and I regret it. Especially after a new rack & pinion system was put in. And the warped rotors.

Cars are like PCs now....either you get lucky or you don't. I was unlucky. I told myself its ok to buy a boring car as long as I don't have to sink money into it. Looks like the gamble didn't pay off.

Get Real, the Japanese market is closed. Every auto maker selsl far less in Japan than in other places. It's common knowledge.

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Detroit will only be competitive when they sell off the truck divisions that subsidize their mainstream models.

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Japanese car's are such reliable vehicles ;D

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Please hire European designers.... Your recent car models' designs are just.... terrible.

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The Toyotas are like a Timex, it takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

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oh I smell another Toyota bashing coming soon, Its bad enough that youve got to save GM/Ford in the way of a huge taxpayer bailout, now Americans are buying Japanese cars in record numbers. but I do wish that Japan had the same level of discounting/competition as the US, many of the same cars that are made in Japan and sold in both countries, youll find the prices is 20-30% cheaper in the US. Japanese get screwed on prices at home

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Japanese car's are such reliable vehicles ;D

Toyota Corolla is probably the best selling vehicle of all time.

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All the top "Japanese" models seem to be made is the US...

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Toyota should avoid being like GM was doing in years past: it's not about trying to keep #1 by greater discounting your car, but by improving your car.

Through July, Camry sales totaled 242,406, while Accord sales totaled 218,367; Nissan Altima sales were 197,321 and Fusion sales were 181,608.

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