Toyota exec fears yen strength, not recall cost


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I was seriously thinking of Toyoto for they have a good reputation in North America, but then Honda as well----both to replace my 15 yr old Mazda small 4X4 truck. Ended up with a Subaru SUV & like the idea of where there is a hook at the back of the floor matt so it cannot move forward. Though I toss in a rubber matt which I check & clean off each day, it is sort of like checking my tyres in my SUV to my m/c sportbikes.

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Toyota represents literally a million jobs world wide. I hope they don't go under, otherwise unemployment is going to skyrocket. We're all in this together.

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Wouldn't it be ironic, ridiculous if Toyota went under because of an outrageous recall on top of the yen appreciation? I have been driving the world's roads in many, many different vehicles for almost 50 years. I can assure there were a lot of different mat configurations. Quite a few of them would be a reason for a recall now. They weren't then because owners/drivers were supposed to have common sense and didn't drive with improper footwear, knew their cars and what they or others put on the floor and what they should watch out for. Litigation against companies, individuals is the thing nowadays. Sue them, let them pay up. If they don't we'll let them go under. Something is very, very wrong here.

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I dont feel sorry for a company that for decades has been making a third of their money from the exchange rate.

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