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Toyota expected to post around Y1.3 tril annual operating profit


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all those US gov instigated recalls over the last fews years, are still not enough to stop this juggernaut, $13billion profit holy c@@p

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At who's expense?

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cant blame the americans for continuing to want to buy a quality made car, if they didnt like them they wouldnt continue to buy them. can smell another recall being schemed up by the powers that be

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A bigger war chest to invest in hydrogen fuel cell tech and the model promised in 2015. Bring it on, Toyota!

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Amazing isn't it, for a company that is always bellyaching about the problems it faces? Perhaps we can ignore Mr Toyoda the next time he demands a favourable exchange rate or more special tax concessions or more taxpayer subsidies. Who is he fooling?

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In USA, Japanese brand cars are more trusted by public than Ford or GM cars. Why? Japanese care replace whatever they think to be replaced before death or injuries. Ford? They get sued after people were killed and appeal and appeal. Not Toyota or other automakers. Beside that, Japanese automakers created jobs in many states.

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Can you tell me where to get your rose-tinted specs, toshiko? Check out the history of, most recently, Mitsubishi Motors in what I presume is your own country. And you may have missed the story of the floor mats getting stuck in accelerator pedals in Toyota cars. Probably because the media in Japan sees its job as providing free and endless PR for the auto-makers. But patriotism is always sure to make the truth opaque too.

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