Toyota heir takes center stage in drive to shed 'boring' tag

By Yoko Kubota

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That photo is priceless!

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I bow before this man. A licensed race car driver? An automobile company CEO that loves cars (instead of beans and golden parachutes)? American car companies can use someone like that.

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"dependable and efficient, but also a bit boring and bland." The "bit boring and bland" is one of the best anti-theft system in the world and it keeps the insurance for the car down. Toyota do not change that use it instead!

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“I am at the top of Toyota and drive cars myself,” Toyoda told reporters... “I was also born with this name.”

Well, I pity the PR team who have the job of making a middle-aged Japanese salaryman seem charismatic. Good luck with that.

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GM ahead of Toyota in quality? Who the hell did they survey?!

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must come from some Bizarro/Irony universe where the meaning of charisma is the exact opposite of what it means to us.

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Yeah, Toyota builds boring cars. I like Lexus and Scion, but the Toyota badge is meant for people over 50.

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