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Toyota hiring 3,000 to 4,000 temp workers in Japan


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If they work like dogs these temp workers will get the opportunity to become permanent ... temp workers.

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Why does Toyota get all the negative comments when Honda let theirs ALL go? I see nothing wrong with no re-contracting workers if they have financial issues. Good they are hiring some of them back.

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Absolutely agree tmarie, temp. workers know fully well what their signing up for when hired, and if they work through a temp. agency, then the agency should find them other work when they're not working for Toyota. Why does Toyota get all the negative comments when Honda and Nissan let all of their temps go? That's what happens when you're at the top I guess.

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paulinusa: That's because even the permanent employees work like dogs.

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tmarie and Tahoochi: I think many big companies deserve criticism because at some point when things get better chances are these workers will still be temps.

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Temporary workers are on a different, more flexible contract from other employees to adjust to production fluxes and save costs. The practice is common at Japanese plants, although it has sometimes been criticized as unfair.

It is unfair and mean. They cannot get company sponsored health and nenkin.

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These workers don't work perm for a reason - they aren't what large companies wants to hire for perm staff. Temp workers, at least the ones I know, didn't do well in school, don't usually have the ambition for FT work and many pref temp work - as long as they get jobs. Well known that some temp workers don't want FT because they don't want the stress of a FT job. Risk they take when they screw around in uni and then don't take any chances they get. I fell for the ones that had money issues and whatnot but don't blame the companies.

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ihavegreatlegsJun. 22, 2011 - 09:52AM JST

It is unfair and mean. They cannot get company sponsored health and nenkin.

As far as I know, company sponsored health in Japan is not common at all (I've never heard of it actually). I work full time for a Japanese company and don't have it, nor do other employees... but we have national health coverage, which is something everyone including temp. workers should have. And I always thought that nennkin (pension) in Japan was available to anyone who works (for over X amount of time) in Japan, based on how long they've contributed...

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Most local companies do offer a company plan, your choice if you take it or remain on goverment plan.

When I was working in IT(ditto for wife/changed profession) we were on a company supplied plan by a third-party company(same) that solely caters for IT staff.

Law simply states you need to be covered, what coverage goverment, company supplied or other you chose is up to you.

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Toyota will have no problems getting people to do these temp jobs, it's better than nothing for them, lol.

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Three or four thousand extra jobs has to be good for the job market (employment) figures.

These people will once again be at the mercy of these temporary contracts, but presumably they know the deal. They get the freedom to travel and do other things, something regular Toyota employees probably sadly lack.

One temp who couldn't hack the life went on the Akihabara rampage.

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I didn't know there were that many Brazilians or Indonesians left in Japan! Wowee.

Temp workers rarely have a path to FT ... the fact that they are unmotivated is insulting and idiotic. Their education is not as high? Actually, a lot of people have more or equal skills but maybe they chose a different path and didn't want the company lifestyle after college. Or, the women got pregnant and were seen as undesirable for hire. The former excuses offered are simply unwarranted. Companies want clay to mold and pound here, not individuals or free thinkers, or young women. They also want cheap labour, and will look for the high-skilled people that are in temp-agencies they can use and disposed of as easily as they came.

If they can hire foreign labour - they will for the same reasons. Thus even the foreign labour is stereo-typed as transient and unmotivated. It is a sad state that companies have to do this, but if they didn't they'd all pack up and move to China.

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They took the risk when they took that path. Why blame the companies? The pregnant women wouldn't have bothered to fight for their rights so... Every company wants cheap labour when they can get it. Nothing knew there. Temp workers sometimes don't want the stress of FT as I and other have pointed out.

Anyone can be enrolled in the national pension and health care system. I know as I am PT because I myself got fed up with FT work and went PT to spare my soul.

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Is there worker union's in Japan?

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There are many.

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We are waiting for more Japanese cars (Hybrid) made in Japan in USA. They are the best!!

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