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Toyota in high gear as it forecasts record profit

By Shingo Ito

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"Toyota in high gear as it forecasts record profit" at the expense of the other 95% of the Japanese people.

The rich getting richer, and the REST getting poorer. Abemomics is at work!

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Hope the record profits translates to record bonuses and salary increase to the workers and also dividends to the stockholders. Well, I know it will never happen instead the media will run the news as national pride.

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Paid for by squeezing supplier' margins, using temporary staff who are not entitled to benefits, and maintaining wages at 1990 levels.

Rich country, poor people...

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The most crucial thing missing in the Capitalistic system is a limit on profits. Constant profits mean a falling value of currency for the customer....It happens on all fronts and results in the kind of world we have.

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Got their foot on the gas but hope they don't have a braking malfunction.....

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A limit on profits? Are you serious? What's the point of a company existing or people working if the government tells us how much we can earn? Why not move to North Korea if you love Communism so much?

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I hope Toyota and other Japanese Car Companies will improve their quality control on parts suppliers. They should use quality parts from reputable parts suppliers instead of cheap and poor quality parts.

Toyota has been plagued with defected parts in their cars lately. They need to balance between costs of replacement parts and using quality part which is a little expensive but does not need to recall in future. A cost cutting does not always reduce the costs of producing car. Toyota must learn from their mistake in the past. The Company has lost billions of dollars in fine and compensation to victims even though Toyota cars' ECU and other electronic components were found no defective by US authority.

Toyota and other Japanese car Companies must be concentrate on quality in 2014.

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A company making record profits has not a damn thing to do with the money supply. Inflation and deflation are caused by an expansion or contraction of the money supply, respectively. If all these "record profits" are just an inflation of the money supply, then why didn't these "record profits" happen decades ago when the yen was much weaker?

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The economic situation is out of kilter and the effects are going to be dire.......

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For Toyota to make a record profit is excellent news as it will bring some stability and job security for its employees. Further investments also become more likely. The Japanese manufacturing model of a partnership between industry, government, employees and citizens is a successful role model for the world and shows how nations with relatively high labour costs can succeed in a competitive world marketplace.

I am a former employee of Toyota Australia’s manufacturing operations and I am deeply concerned with the current hostile attitude of the Australian conservative LNP national government towards the manufacturing industry. The current leadership of this government wants to cease direct support for the Australian automotive manufacturing industry with Toyota Australia being the last remaining local manufacturer, eliminate all trade protection and has actively taken measures to force the closure of the industry even though it has productivity levels that are only a little behind world best levels.

The Australian national government foolishly acts to implement a future for Australia without most of its manufacturing industry and which is based primarily on bulk mineral/resource exports and bulk agricultural exports. The economic vulnerabilities, enormous social dislocation, economic contraction and unemployment that will result have not been given due weight.

The Japanese people should consider themselves very lucky to have such a well thought out manufacturing industry and government partnership.

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