Toyota keeps net profit forecast despite production woes

By Hiroshi HIYAMA and Tomohiro OSAKI

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if they can avoid the scandals that plagued Nissan and VW, why not be optimistic?

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And the executives enjoy their fat self given bonuses and raises, while the minions pay remains the same……maybe even lower.

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Good job Toyota!

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Toyota is real car market leader and cars are top quality,reliable and most wanted both in Japan and abroad,they have cars in their line up fits any taste.

so i am not surprised especially when export of brand new Toyota cars gets busy so boats leaving full of brand new cars these days.

good luck Toyota!

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They always know they can strong-arm the Japanese government into making life easy for them.

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Great job Toyota!

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Yes! Great job Toyota! Producing many million vehicles annually, I wonder what happens to many millions old used cars? Does Toyota take them back or buy them back to re-use the old metal for their new cars? Toyota is only one major car manufacturing company. What about the hundreds of other major car manufacturing companies all over the world? I once saw a cartoon about what happens. There were so many old cars that a city of high rise buildings like New York was formed. People went shopping to car shops, children were born in cars, lived in cars, went to school in cars, etc.etc.etc.etc.etc. It was a great city, etc.etc.etc.etc. It was great fun, etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.

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