Toyota launches Aqua gasoline-electric compact hybrid


Toyota Motor Corp on Monday launched its Aqua gasoline-electric compact hybrid. The Aqua combines a comfortable and roomy interior with a stylish body, and displays exciting acceleration and agility.

The Aqua features a state-of-the-art, small, light and efficient 1.5-liter Toyota Hybrid System II (THS II) with reduction gear, which achieves a fuel efficiency of 35.4 km/L in the JC08 test cycle and 40.0 km/L in the MLIT 10-15 test cycle.

A cooled Exhaust-Gas Recirculation (EGR) system improves efficiency in the high-expansion-ratio Atkinson cycle engine. Also contributing to increased engine efficiency is a battery-powered water pump, a friction-reducing beltless design and precise coolant-water-flow volume control.

The hybrid transaxle, which includes the power control unit, the power-generation motor and drive motor, has also been designed to be small and light.

A selectable electric-vehicle mode (EV Mode) enables driving with only the electric motor.

The Aqua has a starting price of 1.69 million yen.

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Already ordered mine, will be here on the 1st of March! There will be huge demand for this car, since it is compact, and the price is very reasonable. Also with the gov't tax breaks, it will make it more enticing to buy now.

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Interesting, but how specifically does this differ from their Prius?

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It's sure more stylish than Prius. Could buy it but then I'm stuck with a new car in Japan and wouldn't be able to take it home with me (Canada) because of their silly car import laws (cars must be 15 years ols or older to get import permission). This car sure looks awesome, with its fuel economy would be a dream come true if I intended to stay in Japan forever.

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Gag. It looks like every other Toyota, designed by a soulless art school dropout.

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I won't call that a stylish body. It is the same generic shape most Toyotas have.

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Interesting, but how specifically does this differ from their Prius?

It's actually a lot smaller. Looks same though!

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Ok 40 kilometers per liter, so in real American terms?? How many miles per gallon??

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35.4 km/L = 83 mpg 40 km/L = 94 mpg

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I would buy it. Funny how this little commuter's air-intake styling is reminiscent of the Nissan GT.

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I looks like a Honda Civic hatchback from the 90's

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Toyota launches Aqua gasoline-electric compact hybrid

At first, I thought Toyota came out with a car that runs on an mixture of water, gasoline and electricity.

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@Matthew Simon - it actually looks like a Ford Focus...

Toyota must save a ton of money by "copying and pasting" designs. #lame

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1 us gallon =3.785 liters , 1 us mile =1.609km , 40km =24.854miles , SO 24.854 x 3.785 =94.072mpg

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