Toyota logs record October output, sales despite production halt


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Making money of the backs of the starving people who are trying to make ends meet while the yen is tumbling, If it wasn't for the weak yen Toyota sales would have stayed FLAT.

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Is good business when the government keeps the Yen so low in order for those companies to make huge profit.

Also is good to callously pay the politicians in order to give you huge tax deductions year after year, so yeah, they make huge profits, while the average citizen cannot save a Yen anymore due to taxes after taxes, galopant inflation and everything getting more and more expensive while salaries getting lower.

Thank you Ishida.

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The real point is here. No matter what the economy is doing. Inflation. Auto strikes. Smart chip shortages. Or Rail head strikes. Materiel shortages. Whatever problem you want to throw in.

"""""People are still going to buy automobiles no matter what"""""

New autos are 7% to 10% over MSRP right now stateside. Buying at sticker price nearly impossible.

Go to if you want to see for yourself.

Interests rates higher than ever.

Metal is being moved. Cars are getting sold.

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Cars are getting sold at a much slower pace than usual in the US and only people who are not clever think in extremes

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Toyota used to have a bad reputation for building rust bucket cars. They gradually addressed that, to the point that they actually nowadays build good quality cars, and they continue to see rising Sales - which goes against the belief that if you build something well, people won't buy another ... and Sales will clearly drop....

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