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Toyota moves up plan to have dealerships sell full range of models


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When buying a Toyota car, you do not have to think about which member store you need to go to. Will become more convenient?! But isn't this a move to reduce stores?

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Toyota with their innovative ,

should come out with a safety vehicle for oldies !

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I love my 2010 Toyota 4Runner but can someone please redesign the freaking front-end of the new ones? It looks like a catfish.

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It makes sense. Auto sales as with any product sales is in fact a real estate business. It is how many your brands and products can you have in as many location taking up as much space as possible to be in the eyes and each of the buyer/consumer/client.

In auto sales it may have made sense in the past to keep Toyota brand divided into 3 dealerships each allowed to carry only certain models separate from Scion also with 2 separate dealerships and Lexus with another 3 dealerships to get the full line on market. But then, when the buyer must travel from one dealership to another, they may stop by your competitions stores and change their mind. Meanwhile they can also compare all brands and models on their smartphones and tablets to again choose a different dealership. So to have the all the models available at one dealership starts to make sense.

Now they have enough models to "compare" and choose at one site rather than try to see other related models at other dealerships. The sales person with their technical knowledge and service ability can now service their clients much more efficiently at one location, increasing the potential for sales.

The big electronic companies like Yodobashi and Big Camera with their massive inventory at one location "proves" that point. With enough but not excessive items to compare, the "buy" decision is made at that one location. Unless the buyer had a specific item and model in mind which cannot be inventoried, that buyer stays in that store.

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