Toyota names first foreign VP in diversity push


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Toyota said Wednesday it would appoint a foreigner to the post of executive vice president and promote a woman into its top ranks, both firsts for the Japanese firm in its nearly 80-year history.

Took 80 years to get to this point, but any change in internationalizing Japanese firms is a positive development.

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I was pretty impressed with what I've seen of Harold Meij, formerly of Lever Japan, Sunstar and Coca-Cola, and now Director and COO at Takara-Tomy. A great example of how a non-Japanese individual can work effectively at the executive level in a Japanese company (it helps that he speaks the language fluently, of course).

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Must be some internal scandal that they want to pin on the foreigner as the fall guy,,,

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as long as they "toe the line" and dont speak out about Japanese business practices, theyll do just fine

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Companies that place value on gender diversity perform better in general and women in this modern day are good leaders and suited to the style of leadership needed in organizations. Women do have the blend of qualities an effective executive require like the ability to think analytically, strategically, and creatively and emotional ones, including self-awareness, empathy, and humility. The fact is far more women have these blend of intellectual qualities than many men. Thus for the most part, women more than men, bring leadership a more complete range of the qualities modern executives need including emotional attunement and authenticity. Unfortunately many men can become victims of their own egos, and their need to win and use power. Hence I commend Toyota's decision to promote women into their top ranks.

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@Novenachama "Hence I commend Toyota's decision to promote women into their top ranks."

It is A WOMAN,,, a token,,,

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it should not be a gender or race issue, if they are the best and most importantly commited to Toyota then they should get teh job

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I hope Toyota will not let happened like SONY. An appointing to important position should be on merit and it shouldn't be for just look good for Company's international image.

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Neocon buzzwords such as "Diversity" and "Gender equality" are racist and unequal because it selects people based on their color of skin or gender instead of their ability/personality.

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