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Toyota overtakes GM to regain No. 1 spot


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but how many of those cars will be recalled in the near future?

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None Bob unless the U.S. feels the need to use B.S. again.

Good to see the worlds best auto maker reclaims its No: 1 spot again.

7 ( +10 / -3 )

Good news finally.

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yes, i wouldn't buy a toyota product, but I'm glad they've regained the lead.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

especially from GM.

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Hopefully Toy-ota has learned making the most cars hardly makes you the BEST and the millions of poor quality (in some cases deadly) cars produced has been overcome to make them not only the biggest producer but more importantly the BEST which other car manufactures have found out to be the real mark of the BEST and the true target to strive for.

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Wow. Of all the things that occurred in 2011, they still come back and take the lead. I guess they have good management with serious BCP.

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toyota cars are no better than GM

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toyota has to remember what would happen after got to be No1 in 2009. try to being second position if doesnt want to be beaten.

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GM cars are not considered "domestic" in America just American Brand. I was looking at an Accord which is considered an American Domestic car. Second My new co-worker bought a cough and it is always in the shop. My Honda civic never has issues. Petro, tires and one day brakes.

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Toyota's CEO Akio Toyoda is a great example of a car company boss. I've never seen a company head don a racing suit more than a business suit. He is a real lover of cars and all things about and he envisions a design renaissance for the boring Toyota lineup. He is one of the rarer Japanese corporate leaders who is adept at management and is equally as passionate about the work he does. Toyota may have made mistakes and I hope they learn from them and make a new generation of high quality cars that consumers can rely on.

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YAYYYYYYYY ! Toyota rocks !

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Bob, actual Toyota was discriminated in US for making good car. There is no evidence for faulty electronic parts in ECU. Expertise from NASA has cleared any accused related to malfunction or faulty electronic parts in ECU. Look at the crashed involving off duty highway patrol officer, his Lexus ES car couldn't reduce the speed and can't stop the car was doubtful because you can stop car in many different ways even if his car had sticky accelerator or floor mat was under accelerator. North America Branch TOYOTA was too afraid to argue about possibility of driver suicide. Why do not happen in other countries they use same ECU product from one Company in Japan? I only blame the idiot who sent email and boasted for saving money for not recalling all cars for sticky accelerator. Also I'm doubtful about sticky accelerator causing unwanted acceleration in some cars. If you're experienced driver or mechanic and then you will realize about possibility unwanted acceleration and it related crashes. I'll say drivers faulty or drivers deliberately did it. In Australia, never heard of problems it occurred in US. We Aussie used Toyota in outback over 400,000 km and still running well. No US or Germany car can run like Toyota in out back. Toyota makes world best quality car. So I have no surprise Toyota back on top spot.

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