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Toyota posts record ¥4.94 tril net profit


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So the weaker yen has some benefits and/or they just are overcharging clients.

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Because of exported cars.

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4.9 trillion of worthless yen

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Success! Well done, Toyota!

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That’s almost $33 billion!

Impact: Exorbitant bonuses for the Toyota executives, thus exacerbating the wealth gap

According to a March Mainichi article about Toyota’s March wage hike, Toyota “currently offers 228,000 yen per month ($1,500) for each new university graduate and will decide how much to increase it later.”


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Great! Now how about a hefty pay rise for the employees?

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Wooow, Good For Toyota bad for it's Employees and Subcontractors.

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Toyota posts record ¥4.94 tril net profit

so what?

are the workers going to get paid? And Proper raises?

or are just the “CEOs” and “executives” gonna see some of said, “profits?”

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Excellent. It’s not only the exports from Japan but all the Toyota cars in the USA, Europe can all for the repatriation of profits. Let’s hope Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Diahtsu,Nintendo, Isuzu, Fiso,Sony, et al all benefit, share some of the profits in bonuses with the average worker. I believed they did get rise this year negotiated along with the unions. According to Google the big companies gave a 5.+ something raise. Certainly way more than the English teachers I know.

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From the article:

...but critics say the company has been slow to embrace purely battery-powered engines, even as demand soars for low-emission vehicles.

These legacy media journalists are not doing their jobs properly (again). Actually, sales are way down in most places, due to falling subsidies, higher electricity costs, increased road taxes, and range anxiety, among other things.

And Toyota got it right on avoiding the electric vehicle bandwagon and should stay well away from it. That market has been sown up by China. The west lost and now car manufacturers are in dire straits.

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I'm expecting this windfall will give impetus to Abenomics trickle-down effect, and soon the roses will be sweeter for all in the land.

I expect everyone will be getting a summer bonus this year.

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Having failed at EV transition, Toyota will look back to the good old days 10 years from now.

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Go Toyota..


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Because of exported cars.

And?, whatever..

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Interesting, 5T yen is around 30B dollars.

About the same the central bank spent last week trying to prop up the yen

"Multiple investors and analysts said the intervention appeared to have involved about $20bn to $35bn worth of yen purchases."

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Partially because they haven't wasted billions on EV production. Currency weakness helps.

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Let's see if wage increases follow before I applaud Toyotas success.

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