Toyota Prius top seller in FY2016 for 1st time in 5 years


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great news about hybrid green energy technology as they get cheaper and filled with extras they will have the whole market to themselves

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Good news. I can't say I like the laser beam rear lights on the new Prius, but the car as a whole is a great piece of engineering, people driving them means less pollution and less dependency on foreign oil, and they sell well overseas and don't get a tax break unlike kei cars.

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have a 2016 prius two eco 7000 miles 69.3 mpg great car

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ugly pos, it takes the crown over the Aztek as the ugliest car in history

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I agree with all of the above, its great about green tech but does it really need to look like a vacuum cleaner?

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@cvdopxx Nothing could ever replace the Aztek as the ugliest car ever made... so, just get in your Pontiac and keep it moving.

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