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Toyota profit plunges on virus outbreak but recovery expected


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Privileged private owned company very close to the LDP never paid tax so my guess is more tax money to prop it up.

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It is not just Toyota. Global automative industry is in a depression for a decade now since the 2008 Financial Recession. China, the largest automotive industry, posted the worst result in decades with its many electric motors companies are on verge of bankruptcy. Faraday is one of the examples. Toyota is probably the last and brightest hope of Corporate Japan. LDP would not afford it going down like GM, and Japan will definitely bail it out.

I am saying this, because I am not predicting that Toyota will collapse. I merely state an unfavorable situation of the world where automobiles increasingly become unprofitable for companies. The future success of electric cars is even dubious for many investors. Toyota has to face many of these unwelcoming, lethal variables.

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He always says something negative... save your energy. He would rather see Toyota be gone, fall, collapse.

If we don't support our companies they will be gone!

If we don't defend our companies their assets will be sold because of the past.

If we don't defend our companies their technology will be stolen, copied, used to undermine Japan.

With gas prices being so low I expect Toyota to do well once this virus and shutdown passes.

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So Toyota is still going to make a profit of $3.8 billion. They wont need a bailout.

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I would bet Toyota will ride out this wave, Nissan on the other hand?

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Pain to buy a truck in a month or two.

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Japan has way too many car companies. With decreasing domestic purchases and tough economic conditions overseas with the virus, more will shut down or forced to merge (beyond the current loose alliances or share holdings by the likes of Toyota).

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Privileged private owned company very close to the LDP never paid tax

I think you are wrong on every point.

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You might think so but facts are hard to ignore.

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Toyota is a publicly traded corporation that paid 39.1 billion yen tax in 1st Qtr 2020.

Facts are hard to ignore.

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Good for you, obviously I didn't know that. Now I do. Thank you I was out of date.

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While Toyota is expecting a profit loss, I am in the red and cutting down on my food intake-maybe Toyota will give me a job washing cars?

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Look Toyota, yr company is still having profits. stop complianing if not, we will stop buying yr cars like we sold all nissan shares.

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Auto/truck sales will definitely bounce back. Mass Transit and the people that promote it's benefits for the environment have been awfully quiet lately.

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