Toyota projects losses on weak sales, strong yen


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Time to roll out the electric cars, with government subsidies and bans on petrol/diesel engines in cities. Then everyone will rush to buy a Toyota...if they have the ability.

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Nissan and Mitsubishi will launch their Electric Vehicle next year in the Market.

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"The Japanese manufacturer of the Prius hybrid and Camry sedan may be faring better than its debt-ridden U.S. rivals, General Motors Corp and Chrysler LLC."

If they are doing so much better wy do they always wait for GM to announce it's sales figures first ? I mean as the worlds nmber one, shouldn't they be batting lead off. But no, we always have to wait a few days... why ? Hmmm, cookin' the books maybe ? According to Toyota they have been raking in the profits like there was no tomorrow... but hey that didn't stop them from closing factorys and firing workers at the same pace as the big three. Sorry, just sounds like more fuzzy math from the Japanese.

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Indeed, it's like math from the Japanese.

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This is really bad news for Toyota, who has been bragging about it's Hybrids for years. Seems that the American public is somewhat fickle about the Toyota brand and is waiting for next year when the new Chrysler Volt hits the market. Early feedback from industry critics is extremely postive. Toyota just hasn't been able to make the transition from gas to hybrid. I expect the US manufacturers to really puch the envelope here and drive the market in a new direction. But lets be honest, Toyota should be doing this. I can't help but wonder if all the bad press Toyota has been getting isn't finally starting to sink in. I mean the unpaid overtime, sexual harrassment suit stateside, the recalls (especially the recalls), Consumer reports deciding to dump their "automatic" high quality rating, Toyotas over emphasis on the US mrket (t the expense of the other auto makers, nd of course the success of the Korean car makers Hyundai and Kia... these two have really eaten into Toyotas market share. I'll not lose any sleep over any of this. I've felt Toyota has worn out their welcome years ago. American made autos are just as reliable (at least according to JD Powers and associates) and I prefer to support an American manufacturer who understands American business practices... Unpaid overtime ? Working for free ? Emphasis on market share ? Working Poor ? Sweat shop conditions ? NO THANK YOU !

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"Toyota projects losses on weak sales, strong yen"

"Strong yen" is a non-issue. GM dominated the world market when Japanese auto manufacturers enjoyed huge monetary exchange advantages. Anywhere between 250 yen to the dollar to !30 yen. The real question is why can't Toyota succeed when the playing field has been leveled ? This is what the Americans have been discussing for years. Now the evidence is clear... Toyota can't compete !

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