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Toyota promises better mileage and ride with Prius hybrid


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It gets up to 40 kilometers a liter under Japanese tests

why am I reminded of VW when I read this?

Time for tests that better reflect reality.

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@SenseNotSo I echo your skepticism. The recent exposure of VW's devious manipulations has made me doubt the veracity of both car makers and government regulators.

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When the hybrid batteries are depleted expect to pay $-5,000 US dollars for replacements

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I have a Prius. It's been by far te best car I have ever had. I constantly get better than the mileage stated from Toyota. About the battery, my Prius is an 05' battery is ok no problems. A friend of mine has one in the U.S. with nearly 300,000 miles or 500,000 Km. Never a problem with the battery! The few people I know that did have issues were those that tried to jump start another car that had a dead battery.

I drove a 2015 this last summer and made it from San Fransico all the way north through California, then all the way through Oregon and 47 miles in to the State of Washington only to fill up with 11.3 gallons.

I will always drive Only Toyota hybrid cars!

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Congratulations on your achievements hypermiling. I also have a Prius and, while we do get reasonable mileage for a 7 seater, I would get much better cost performance from a diesel (which we are denied in Japan) coupled with sufficient torque to not be a nuisance to other road users.

Now that diesel has been discredited, Toyota mustn't rest on its hybrid laurels. Let's watch what post-diesel solutions the Germans, Tata and others bring to market.

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We drive a Prius as well - our gasoline bill is less than a third of what it was previously. Well worth the investment, both for the cost savings, as well as the environment.

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(which we are denied in Japan)

You can buy diesel car, see this one

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Thanks, @changamangaliay

I responded to someone recently with exactly your point. Sorry for not specifying that its the breadth of choice that we're denied. As far as I'm aware, there are very few diesel 7 seaters available on this market.

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