Toyota promises quicker response on quality issues


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Toyota is getting hit pretty hard, especially considering that many other American companies are also issuing recalls. Or, maybe they're hedging their bets after seeing what happened to Toyota...

Toyota needs some guidance on the American market, though. People who may buy a toyota will love to hear this: but to reverse the bad publicity, they simply need to take it on the chin. I think they'll continue to recover. They do make a good product, when people don't die from accelerator issues.

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Because responding in three days is not fast enough!! Get it together Toyota!!

Go to the NHTSA site. They have a timeline. It is not Toyota's version of events. It is the actual chain of action against Toyota. It shows the whole Toyota process. It appears to show that NHTSA went from "gee you should look at this...maybe floor mats are not the root cause..." to "you negligent criminals" in about three days. Really it looks like two days, culminating on a hurried trip by LaHood to Japan for dramatic effect. When you factor in that Toyota had done floormat advisories and fixes since November, you wonder what kind of schizo maniacs are running the NHTSA. The NHTSA has YET to publicly announce actions against two US auto manufacturers with accelerator problems, although Ford's reported incidents and GM's together account for about as many as Toyota's.

And let me say I use the word PROBLEM loosely. Toyota cannot replicate or identify the problem. Nobody at the NHTSA can either. Nobody at NASA can either. Guess what? What is a "problem" that nobody can identify, quantify, replicate, explain, or even formulate a test for? I call it hysteria and rumor. You could probably call it driver error.

I heard someone once ate POP ROCKS and drank some Coca Cola and their head exploded. I think I should sue Coca Cola. What do you think?

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5SpeedRacer5 is on the right track, maybe a little OTT, but on the right track none the less. Toyota makes great cars with a better safety record than any American made vehicle. It does seem odd how quickly the media and the NHTSA jumped on the Toyota case yet have certainly taken their time to take action against American manufacturers for similar issues. U.S auto industry is in bad shape, seems like a good time to hype up bad publicity for the competition....I'm just saying

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"Toyota’s North American sales appear to be recovering this month."

I'd like to see the numbers on this claim. The latest data coming out of the Auto world had Toyota the clear loser as North American car companys continued to grab market share at their expense.

ssgnash; "Toyota is getting hit pretty hard, especially considering that many other American companies are also issuing recalls."

Actually the other companies issuing massive recalls have been the Japanese makers- as noted here at Japantoday, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Nissan etc. The only really big recall for a NA co. seems to be the ones associated with Toyota's supply chain- imagine that.

"Toyota needs some guidance on the American market, though."

Yeh- like where to find the back door when leaving town ! Toyota is about to get engulfed with one billion dollar lawsuit after another- worldwide ! This kind of "touchy feely" story seems to be a desperate attempt to move the focus away from that reality- much like this;

"Toyota makes great cars with a better safety record than any American made vehicle."

Absolute nonsense ! A sorry attempt to mislead the public. American companys are doing quite nicely thank you very much ! Ford continues to be the number one truck maker for the 34th year in a row. And I see GM regaining their crown after "lending" it to Toyota- one time in 75 years mind you ! And look what Toyota had to do to get it ! Look at the big picture people, forget the hype. Toyota's blind passion to be #1 created a monster- A "murderous company" coined by one legal analyst ! A company void of any ethical or moral compass- who is now begging for your moolah to see if you'll still bite ! Shameful beyond belief !

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"Look at the big picture people, forget the hype."

That is excellent advice. Since you have more exclamation points than anyone else, you are elected as the hype-monster on this thread.

The big picture is that Toyota is still number one and Toyota's accusers... all of them... are unable to come up with the smallest bit of evidence that anything is wrong with their cars at all. An accusation with no evidence is a smear campaign. A shakedown. Will you let me borrow one more of your quotes, please?

"Shameful beyond belief !"


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-"The big picture is that Toyota is still number one"

Maybe in recalls, but nothing else that matters ! Seems your Toyota has handed it's #1 crown over to the Germans for awhile. Hmmm, I sense too much hype has fogged them rosy reds.

"Toyota's accusers... all of them... are unable to come up with the smallest bit of evidence that anything is wrong with their cars at all."

I see today where NASA has been brought on board to help Toyota understand what they've done wrong- yeh, like they didn't now beforehand, couldn't understand all the warnings out there and heed the advice like all the other auto manufacturers. Reeks a bit of either blatant greed or stoic arrogance. Guess we'll have to wat for the court cases to define which.

Again- putting the customers at risk for increased market share or profits is...

"Shameful beyond belief ! Thanks."

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As much as I've criticized Toyota earlier, this is exactly what they should be doing. It should go without saying that more car companies will follow suit if they haven't already done this.

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Not sure if this is a "quicker" response but it is a "quality issue". Seems Toyota has just announced another recall- this one in China. The details are sketchy but here are the highlites;

"Toyota to Compensate Some Chinese SUV Owners"

"Japanese auto maker Toyota will recall some RAV4 vehicles in China and compensate their buyers after complaints from customers in China's eastern Zhejiang province, a provincial government body said."

-"The recall of all affected vehicles will be completed by the end of April and their owners will be given compensation"

-"Local media reported that it would be the first case in mainland China of buyers of vehicles being compensated after their vehicles had been recalled."

-"The amount of compensation was not specified in the statement."

-"Many Chinese car buyers have long complained that automakers have not offered them compensation in recalls despite doing so for Western customers."

There you have it- another recall from Toyota- only this time they are offering some kind of compensation... boy that's nice of them isn't it ! Sheesh !

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