Toyota remains top in global vehicle sales


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Puzzles me why this is something they aspire to. Selling most cars means very little if they are recalled or not making money or crummy.

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I'm glad that the likes of Subaru and Mazda who are surviving with around 1million production mark are still there and making interesting cars. Just hope that iszsu will make cars again one day!

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"Just hope that iszsu ( Isuzu ) will make cars again one day!"

And that Joe Isuzu will do the commercials for them!

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Interesting cars ? Yes if you like driving a CUBE, for me only Italian designer for cars....

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Need quality control for all Japanese Car Companies and suppliers otherwise sell up but get bad name.

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Interesting cars ? Yes if you like driving a CUBE, for me only Italian designer for cars....

For me price-performance ratio is more important than looks.

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Japanese make the best cars in the world, nice to know that when you get in it and turn the key it will start and take you where you want to go, itallian cars are not so reliable, Fiat , Lancia etc are renowned as being unreliable, Lamborghini are known for catching fire, no confidence in any itallian cars for general use.

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