Toyota remains top selling automaker despite sales fall


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"GM had been No. 1 for seven decades before losing that title to Toyota in 2008."

And Toyota has got all the imaginable KARMA that they could get with it!

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Rather than pursuing numbers, we try to sell one car at a time, producing good cars. We aren’t focused on being No. 1

I can think of soooo many companies that would benefit from adopting this kind of attitude.

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Guess all those "lost" sales in communist china didn't mean squat after all - although I'm sure many local communist dealers and manufacturers lost their shirts. Isn't that a shame.

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I'm hoping to be a Toyota owner once I've passed my driving test... ^_^

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Toyota makes definitely outstanding quality car. However I believe they could do a bit better on the design side, even though on the Lexus. Nothing wrong but just sharing a personal thought.

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Toyota has been a company with quality in their hardware, nobody can deny it. Reliability has been their pineacle. I remember back when a Mechanic says that when a Timing Belt breakes, all but toyota could suffer from a valve breake. I had an old Landcruiser with the 14B engine, I remember back when I was driving without water in the engine(a 180k miles, 20yo SUV) and could still go forth. Sadly It was stolen.

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