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Toyota remains world's top selling car maker for 2nd year


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"Toyota sales being less than Hyundai are kind of self explanatory,right?"

I suppose so, but I don't see the relevance. The list shows that Toyota is the biggest selling Japanese brand in Germany.

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Not according to the figures at the link below.

Toyota sales being less than Hyundai are kind of self explanatory,right?

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Toyota buyers use American $$$$$ to buy made-in USA Toyota, they do not use Japanese yens, /they use USA banks for loans which are not yens,

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"Toyota is the worst selling Japanese brand in Germany"

Not according to the figures at the link below.


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@ndwariga oh for crying out loud, enough with the currency manipulation BS already, if it wasnt for the $4 triillion + that the US has printed over the last 4-5 years there would be an imbalance in the currency markets. when it comes to indirect manipulation and money printing nobody comes close to the good ol USof A

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jeff198527; GM and Detroit in General suffered death by a thousand cuts, especially from Japanese currency manipulations.

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Toyota is the worst selling Japanese brand in Germany,unless they come up with more innovative designs like Mazda,they will even lose it to Kia..

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Toyota is one of the leading and innovative companies in the world and good to see they are number 1 again, taking their rightful place at the top. I congratulate you again Toyota, a company that others should aspire to be like.

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with or without Hino commercial vehicle sales? neither GM,nor VW have a CV business,so this is cheating..

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Toyota, one of the few remaining truly innovative Japanese companies. Well done and hope they can break 10 million.

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I know that the bosses of successful companies like Toyota, Softbank and others like the idea of the 'male ego'; the Japanese militarist in the past also like to display what is equivalent to the 'male ego'. The problem is, one version of it can create value to shareholders, employees and customers but the other version of the 'male ego' tends to destroy value. So, are we foreigners missing out on a very subtle difference of the Japanese version of the 'male ego' ?

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China should make their citizens buy non-japanese cars. That should throw toyota off its throne.

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congratulations good vehicles.

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In the global market together with the strong growth in the North American market and the economic recovery in Europe, the increase in sales of motor vehicles can be expected in this economic environment. However with the pending consumption tax increase it's difficult to predict how it will impact the domestic motor vehicle sales. And Southeast Asia which boasts a large share by far in the world market there is uncertainty for the economy. It's likely to be an anxiety factor towards achieving Toyota's target of more than 10 million vehicle sales this year.

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Good for Toyota.

Textbook case of brand loyalty and brand awareness despite past controversies.

You build quality products, the name sells itself year after year.

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Ndwariga, at least Toyota doesn't need a bailout like Government Motors.

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This Explains why Toyota quality has fallen so drastically

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