Toyota selling part of Denso stake to raise cash to develop electric vehicles


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too late, the market is already taken in China and US.

Toyota should stick with hybrid car technology that is the best for any situation and any climate.

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Agreed it does sound like it's quite late to be entering the Electric Car Market from scratch, though I guess they're not stupid, and wouldn't be doing such a thing, unless they thought that they could make more money out of doing so, than by keeping their stake in the Component maker - Denso.

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Selling their stake in Japan's largest automotive electronic component maker to help fund research into automotive electrification seems a bit counterproductive.

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This reminds me of how Japan's consumer electronics industry lost its dominance as it was too focused on hardware whereas in the west or the US, the emphasis was more on code or software. With EV's being a computer and a battery with four wheels, I'm wondering if the Japanese auto industry is next? Keep in mind EV's use 1/3 the number of parts compared to IC. Japan's auto OEMs are in my opinion more like auto part companies rather than just auto companies.

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With EV's being a computer and a battery with four wheels, I'm wondering if the Japanese auto industry is next?

Considering that Toyota made a huge breakthrough in battery technology recently, and the fact they are already very very good at the "four wheels" part, they'll probably do okay.

Also, while the SW is obviously extremely important, the HW is still very important, as well. Besides the aforementioned battery technology, motor technology is also a key component of reduced power consumption, and longer range.

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18 million EVs on Chinese roads. More charging stations than gas stands. 50% of power from renewables.

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