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Toyota sells 8.4 million vehicles in 2010 to hold top spot


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Best car maker in the world and toyota should hold the number one spot, well done TOYOTA!!

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Now, if only they can add the BEST BRAKES in the world to these cars and maybe the best computer system to make sure they do not have any more horrible accidents like they did in the USA etc...

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Pretty good for all those recall problems.

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NEW TOYOTAs sold and moving on roads,equal 8.4 million vehicles.

Japan still world's best ,in surface vehicle technology.

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The accidents werent caused by brakes or computers they were caused by drivers so dont believe the propoganda.

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Toyota is on top for 3 years and then gives the crown back. Sounds about right ....

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China has now surpassed the U.S. with more car sales than any other country in the world - and rising. That's where Toyota will lose its top global spot.

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Toyota will soon take advantage of gas prices on rise.

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“Our objective is to become No. 1 with the customers,”

This should not be too difficult as Toyota is already number 3 in the list of most hated companies in the US, right after BP and Nokia.

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kyoken at 03:04 AM JST - 26th January. This should not be too difficult as Toyota is already number 3 in the list of most hated companies in the US,

Doesn't matter. When a company sells 8.4 million Toyota's in a slow economy, they are trusted product. Look at the resale value of 5 years old GM Malibu to Camry? What happen to sudden accelation accusation? A bogus accusation by Ray Lahood of NHTSA to damage Toyota? Didn't NHTSA retracted their statement after the damages? In 2007, various Toyota models have been fitted with black boxes that record a few seconds of the car's control inputs once an airbag has been deployed. Of 58 data recorders analyzed by teams from both the NHTSA and Toyota, 35 showed that when the crash occurred, the brake pedal was not depressed at all. Another 14 showed only partial braking, and 9 more indicated braking only just before the accident. The report said brakes were pressed and released, or both brake and accelerator were pressed together, in a handful of crashes. Drivers may not actually know what pedal they're pressing during an emergency. Facts from NHTSA is that sudden acceleration is very often caused by drivers who press the gas pedal when they intend to press the brake. Where is the electronics problem that they initially claimed?

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