Toyota to build hybrid Prius in U.S. for 1st time


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I wonder how would be USA without Asian investment. I bet many people would be in bad situation in America without other nations's contribution.

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Kind of reminds me of a bank.

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Yet another blow to the "Buy American" blowhards. Sorry, but these Prius' ARE made in America, surprise!

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Toyota: 'We work our engineers to death to bring you better cars!'

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Made in USA, Toyota Prius to begin. Way to go Toyota USA(hybrid tech).

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"I wonder how would be USA without Asian investment"

This is a good question, except that in terms of "Asian" investment, we are really talking "Japanese" investment, which has a long history of development throught the 60s, 70s 80s and 90s, balance of trade problems, trade wars, retaliatory tariffs, and all. SKorea which is a undeniable growing auto maker has I believe still just 1 factory in the US, and GM in fact bought out Daewoo motors. So really, it's the Japanese auto makers that have now been producing American-Made cars for quite some time. Yes, they are "American" cars no matter how you look at it as our Trade Representatives negotiate with the EU on quotas and consider all these US made Toyotas,Nissans,Subarus,Hondas etc as American exports.

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Anyway Toyota is just an assembler. It’s not a big problem for Toyota to assemble a car in U.S. with the parts from the cheap outsourcing.

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Yeah, but even those "cheap" suppliers for Toyota are now mostly located in the US if they are supplying the TMMA factories, so at least the paychecks are staying in the US.

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