Toyota to build two new plants in Mexico, China

By Maki Shiraki

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i guess they don't want to increase the wages of their japanese employees.

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"Toyota to build two new plants in (Japanese city) and (Japanese city)" headlines are perhaps a thing of the past when Japanese laborers would benefit from Japan Inc.

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That is just wonderful that Toyota will add to the economy of China, so they can increase military spending to destroy Japan, so extremely hated by the nationalist Chinese!

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Red Dragon is so correct. Why strengthen the CCP enemy? Push to overthrown the dictatorship. A democratic mainland China will be no worse for Japan and the world, and could herald a new era, better days. But investing in dictatorial PRC is totally wrong.

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Forget about the factories. That money should be spent getting back into F1 like Honda are. More publicity and more sales.

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So Toyota wants to shift production from the USA to Mexico?

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A major reason why many automakers are now opening Mexican plants is the Kansas City Southern railroad company (KCS). When KCS bought the Mexican railroad TFM, that gave KCS access to many industrial cities in the center of Mexico. As such, many cities along TFM lines were now able to host factories producing goods for the US market. If Toyota does open a plant to build the Corolla models in the state of Guanajuato, it would not be the first automobile assembly line there; Honda has a major assembly line operation there now in the city of Celaya, building the Honda Fit and eventually building the Fit-based HR-V crossover and likely the Honda Fit sedan.

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Toyota and Mazda have been making cars in Mexico for quite while. To sell to Calif, Arizona, and other western states where a family usually own 2 or more cars.

there are states that invite automakers and some are successful such as Ky and Tn. Some states are not interested.

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Since when is China powerful? Japan has six aircraft carriers and 26 destroyers. China has nothing but antiquated Soviet junk.

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