Toyota to fully meet labor union's wage demands


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Toyota is an example of the disparity of working for a big company and an average small or midsize company. The a average Toyota employee makes more than 8 million a year which is 3 million higher than the national average. A bonus that equals 6.9 times the annual salary is extreme. At this rate they'll get an extra annual salary in 10 years.

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I wonder if the union is thinking that it should have asked for more.

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The problem is not so much for regular workers at large companies / public servants as they already make very good wages but all the people further down the food chain at small / medium firms & part time / contractors in particular..they deserve a proper increase...and I dont mean a piddly amount such as the record! 28 yen / hour they got last year .....give them a proper pay rise or a tax cut / up tax free threshold.

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Good for Toyota employees obviously they were going to get it anyway, as above the sub contractor is not going to be able to squeeze their profit line to pay their sub contracted employees anything like that. And if they could would they? The rich get richer the poor get the picture hard to stand up living a life on your knees.

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Toyota can recover it by making staff work unpaid longer overtime.

Toyota is the most important Japanese company.

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I think they are not aware that most of the people don't work for Toyota.

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The union called for annual bonuses worth 6.9 months of pay, up 0.9 month from last year.

wait, they currently have annual bonuses worth 6 months of pay? I'm on the wrong boat!

we all know this will be compensated by eliminating employee benefits like removing transportation costs for employees working from home, getting rid of the coffee machine, etc. J-corps don't just "give" increased wages.

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I wouldn't envy them. Toyota will face lots of difficulties this decade and beyond as Tesla grows into a behemoth.

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