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Toyota to invest $10 bil in U.S.


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Trump represents almost total gloom to me but there is some kind of silver lining. There is a chink of light through the armour. These bullying corporations, like Toyota, might be more of a paper tiger than we have hitherto imagined. They should never have been allowed to get to the point where they dictate world affairs and citizens' lives to the extent they do in the first place. Now perhaps we can learn how they can be transformed into the lap dogs of citizen-control that they must be. Not that I hold out any hope of Trump doing this properly but a side effect of his bumbling bombast is to show they can be threatened.

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This is not an healthy competition in the market at all. And, who knows how long Mr. Trump will actually sit as the president. Might not even last 4 years.

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Plans made 5 or 7 years ago, and now Toyota is trying to make it sound like it is due to Trump. They are trying to make him feel good and like Toyota.

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We've come a long way from the days of burning Toyotas in Detroit & this amount of investment should Shut some people up about Trump & Japan

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Toyota running scared, but all they have achieved is to show that Trump has them by the you know whats. Toyota is a great company, but this kind of tatemae (i.e. BS) approach will not work in the U.S. Releasing investment plans that must have been determined years ago in areas of "improvement" Including head office and .....robotics - that is, research into how to employ less people! I hope Trump keeps tightening the noose until (1) Toyota actually closes a plant in Mexico (2) American companies ( not only in the automotive industry but in others such as pharmaceuticals etc.) have equal and easy access to Japanese markets. I don't like Trump but I do like the fact that he has all these companies running scared. For too long the average worker has been treated as dispensable as jobs have been transferred to China, Mexico etc. without any regard for societal impacts. I would argue that Toyota and other Japanese companies care a lot less for their workers overseas than they do for their workers in Japan.

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Is this an indication of trumpynomics at work?

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10 billion dollar bribe is out of my league.

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Fun facts:

Japanese car manufacturers in the US export more cars from their US assembly plants than they import into the US.

The rest of the world can tweet the same thing. If you want to sell in our country, GM, Ford, Chrysler, then build them here.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

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When bullying actually works.

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Trump tweeted about Toyota’s Mexico plans, saying, in part: “NO WAY! Build plant in US or pay big border tax.”

I presume Trump was referring to the border-adjustment aspect of the proposed tax code changes. If that's the case, it's not that Toyota alone would be paying a border tax, any foreign operation that exports products into the US would be facing this.

Does anyone know if such border-adjustment measures feature in tax systems in any other developed nations?

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That was quick. OBN for Toyota.


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Toyota should ramp up production facilities in India to produce best small car with innovative features which is the need of the hour after Maruti Suzuki stopped production of its best selling model Maruti 800.

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haha listen to them pander to him I love it. Anything for money

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Smart move by Toyota.

It made Trump look like a real clown, which he is.

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Think again. This is not Toyota being submissive to the mighty will of the Dumbald. This is Toyota flexing its muscle. The message here is "If you mess up our investments in Mexico, you will be messing up our investments in the US and it will cost you." Twenty-two billion dollars plus another ten billion (which was already planned) is an awful lot of jobs.

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TRUMP is being PLAYED by TOYOTA!! Again, Toyota has been spending this much money every 5 years for the past 30 or so years. These plans are drawn up 4 or 5 years in advance, which Trump should now since he is a businessman. Isn't he? No company "suddenly" decides to invest 10 billion dollars. Yep, Trump is being played.

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Don't blame Toyota. Do not sped much money. It is one of after war trug to rich companies in Japan worse than Nintendo ward?

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