Toyota to make 20% of European sales zero-emission cars by 2026


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Does this mean Toyota selling Toyota badged BYDs in Europe as they are doing right now in China?

There is no way Toyota can increase the share of its EV sales to 20% in such a short time period with Toyota engineered and manufactured EVs.

Toyota confirms its sleek electric Sport Crossover made with BYD is launching in 2025

Toyota unveiled its slick electric Sport Crossover concept for the first time in Europe on Monday. The new fastback EV, made with China’s BYD, will launch in 2025.

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Too little too late. Humans will probably die out in the next couple of centuries due to the course climate change is on. This is a drop in the ocean.

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Toyota sold about 1.08 million cars in Europe in 2022, accounting for about 10 percent of the company's total sales.

Toyota to make 20% of European sales zero-emission cars by 2026

So 20% of 10% equals 2% of total production.

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Humans will probably die out in the next couple of centuries due to the course climate change is on.

That is what I call zero emissions!

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good luck with your plans Toyota.

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I read somewhere that 60% of all new cars sold in scandinavia are electric, so I suppose it makes business sense for Toyota to try to ramp things up.

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seriously good news for me. i dont want my kids to grow up and drive the china brand cars

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 i dont want my kids to grow up and drive the china brand cars

But what Toyota is proposing to do is to sell Toyota-branded BYD EVs. So you are fine with your kids driving BYDs as long as it wears Toyota badge?

At least Honda's badge engineered EVs(Honda Prologue and Acura Precision) are GMs.

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This kaisha continue to rely on petrolium engines, and only pays lips service in the matter of zero emmision cars.

The denial of the climate crisis is stupid and suicidal. Our knowledge of physics and system theory tells us that in the wake of the inputs inserted by humans the climate system has become nonlinear and unstable. This system is full of malignant positive feedback loops that push it away from equilibrium. There are no stabilizing mechanisms whatsoever that can keep the climate system in equilibrium. But there is no need to be an expert: The rapid rise in temperature and humidity is visible to the naked eye. The catastrophic loss of our planet and the ultimate extermination of humanity are very near. There may still be a remedy: Getting out from energizing ourselves from carbon, and moving on to a new era of energizing ourselves from the sun's radiation and from heavy nuclei. That is easy to do, and should have been done a long time ago. However, there are powerful social forces that fight vehemently against this simple and obvious cure and against the attempt to salvage the planet and the human race. These enemies of the planet claim that moving to modern transportation based on electricity will ruin our society. These devils do not explain how can the usage of efficient, high performance and enjoyable electric cars ruin our society? And what society will remain when the temperature rises to hundreds of degrees Celsius and all the oceans boil and become steam?

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That's of not much use. Not the production, model palette and sales offers are the problem , but more the non-existing refilling infrastructure, the still much higher prices and the market acceptance in general. And we have some specific market conditions in EU in the coming decades. The origin population shrinks and ages, means less income , pensions , physical capabilities to drive any car etc. And all the many new youngsters / immigrants are either dependent on welfare or want a strong, fat combustion car that makes some motor noise and impresses the surrounding guys and even more the potential girlfriends or women. They spend not a millisecond on thoughts about such car companies managers' or politicians' considerations for a better environment or EV / solid fuel quota.

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@Newgirlin Town:  "This is a drop in the ocean."

Agreed, but the ocean is made of drops. Let's all encourage the keeping of such pledges.

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