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Toyota to recall over 130,000 Prius hybrid cars due to door glitch


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Dear god, another issue with the "reliable" Toyota; this time a door that could open while you were driving, perhaps while your kid was leaning against it. Whatever next?

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Toyota have really pushed the exterior design envelope with the new Prius.

It's a pity the interior doesn't match the sophistication of the body.

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The new model's look leaves so much to be desired anyway. Seems they caught the issue early enough hopefully before anyone got hurt. I always tell my kids not to lean on the door. Dontt know why other than something my parents would tell me too. lol. This makes me believe that accidentally opening a door must have been an occurrence going back a long time ago. Still, Toyota is the best in my opinion.

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Thank dog I have a very old Fiat, no stupide gadgets or what ever, just a steering wheel and gear stick.........oh and a CD player.

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