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Toyota to receive ¥120 bil subsidy for EV battery investment


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"... in line with the country's aim of ensuring economic security...

I recall that the Trump administration was called protectionist for stating that protecting the US auto industry was a matter of national security. Today, the Japanese are becoming ever more Trumpian in their policies.

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to receive ¥120 bil subsidy for EV battery

Our tax dollar at work, is that for people?

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Toyota getting subsidies, Sakura Internet getting subsidies, I saw both those headlines the same day last week.

I do not like subsidies. I do not like subsidies for Sakura Internet. I do not like subsidies for Toyota. I do not like subsidies for anything.

I like free markets, and I like choosing how my money is spent rather than the government choosing instead of me.

We need a smaller government.

When there is a big government all the different players like Toyota and Sakura Internet have an incentive to suckle on the governments teets, and this is not how a healthy vibrate economy functions.

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A drop in the bucket for Japanese taxpayers compared to the $16 billion dollars Trudeau is flushing down to the toilet for VW factory in Canada. Governments around the world are competing in how much money they can throw away and I am pretty sure Japan can do better and throw even more away.

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Japanese car manufacturers make almost 1/3 of all the global passenger vehicles today, it is a huge and important industry to Japan employing millions of people. And of these vehicles produced more than 97% is ICE cars!!! If Toyota, the leader among Japanese OEMs, and who everybody (Nissan, Honda ec) is following is not turning to EV cars immediately the car industry of Japan will shrink with large economical consequences for Japan!! Toyota don’t see the future, so good some person in the government is trying.

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Why subsidies?

Isn't Toyota in the black?

A private company?

Toyota had their hydrogen dream that nobody wanted so they are late to the party due to their intransigence and the taxpayers are being squeezed again…

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If you know the first law of thermodynamics, you know that EV’s are a ponzi scheme.

Whats the benefit? None when you total the energy required to produce, ship and operate within an energy infrastructure that cannot support the electrical load with no plan to expand it. And construction of generating capacity takes a long time and still using coal, oil and gas. Renewables can’t support it and the public has gone mad against nuclear power generation.

Climate change? Forget it. If just the US had 50% EV’s, the temperature change is so small it barely be measured. China and India are building one new coal plant every week just to keep up with electrical demand without EV’s.

And if nothing else has been learned from the pandemic, at least learn that global supply chains are fragile.

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Yep, this is what Toyota has been waiting for, it's the reason they did absolute the bare minimum to advance EV all these times.

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Look to China to see the result from government subsidies for EV’s.

EV companies get the subsidies, investors flock in since it must be good, right? The companies keep increasing production to get more subsidies to get more investors.

Where are EV’s? Hundreds of thousands of new EV’s are parked in fields across China. The companies bought their own EV’s, registered them and claimed them as being sold.

That is a ponzi scheme. And they’ll continue to do it until it finally collapses and the money is gone, and the EV’s will rot in fields and all those batteries are now more of an environmental problem.

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Rewarding Toyota for making the wrong call on EVs for the last decade.

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Unbelievable, we mostly can’t afford those expensive EV cars, we mostly won’t even find then a location or the needed time to load the batteries, but we have to finance beforehand that out of mind and illusionary concept with our tax money. But go ahead, that one issue doesn’t change so much of the general downturn too.

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