Toyota to sell China-made hybrid vehicles by 2015


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Just give it all away to China, take our advantage and flush it down the toilet/

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I really doubt Toyota would be that stupid, at least I do not think they are that stupid to give away all of their technological secrets to our Chinese amigos, so I do wish Toyota luck in the land of the Rising Chinese Dragon??

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Secrets in Japan all come with a price tag no matter what the effect on the country would be, beside, the Chinese would only steal the technology anyway.

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I hope they don't have the same problem with batteries that Sony did.

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I hope they do not have the same problem...FAULTY BREAKS,like the ones that killed many back in the USA from crappy Toyota cars.

-4 ( +2 / -6 )

So much for the japanese economy now

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Step 1

Toyota... start producing vehicles with Chinese-made hybrid systems

Step 2

Toyota to sell China-made hybrid vehicles

Step 3 China produces and sells China-made vehicles under Toyota brand name

Step 4 China produces and sells China-made vehicles under own Chinese brand name

Step 5 China starts producing and selling Japan-made vehicles under own Chinese brand name.

-2 ( +3 / -5 )

LOL, great observation, Munya! Exactly!

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At this point you know the Chinese ( and everyone else for that matter ) are fully aware of the hybrid "secrets". The question of course becomes whether the Chinese are willing to respect Japanese patents. All the Western car companies have done so and are paying for the technology ( and they have their own design patents ) but up until now, the Chinese haven't shown they'll cooporate.

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I would never buy one made in China. I don't care if it has Toyota stamped all over it, it will be a product of China and questionable in terms of quality. I hope they plan to only sell them in China.

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Taiwan would be a better option.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Kiss goodbye to your technology Toyota... China will make their own cars and export them based on JP tech

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Whatever you say, whatever you think China will do with the technology, it's a huge market and that's what Toyota is aiming at, of course. Toyota will probably survive for a few more decades and the future? Après nous, le déluge.

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What is the official Tpyota explanation for this venture? It seems to me they stand to lose their technologies and market lead. Like Japan did for so many decades, China allows foreign enterprises in their market in exchange for tehnologies, then of course takes avantage of their own cheaper labor costs and produces the same thing more cheaply. Goodbye Toyota. Dumb, dumb, dumb move.

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Watch for all the recalls from 2015 they will triple....

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Cheap labor comes with a hefty IP price tag.

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This actually means toyota want to prevent the chinese start studying the technology.

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Reverse engineering. No secrets. Capabilities is the question. Infrastructure. Small tech stuff can be easily reversed engineered and copied like the ipad and iphone. (So take it easy posters, nothing new here) Within 6 months- 1 year the market was flooded with imitations of the iphone. So knowing this and knowing it will happen again whats the next best option for toyota? Joint venture with a chinese company. But thanks for your usual expert comments guys.

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Bold thinking by Toyota. China is ever trying to be less reliant on petroleum. The local government might consider new rebate policies for fuel-efficient hybrid, thus the potential is foreseeable. The downside is the aforementioned about possible copy-right infringement. But still, best of luck to Toyota.

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