Toyota world's top-selling automaker for third year running


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No shock here. Best quality and most reliable vehicles on the planet. No wonder the waiting list for some Toyota's eg Landcruiser is 4 years plus!

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Thank goodness. Propping up the Japanese economy for decades.

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Great achievement Toyota you are a great asset to Japan and the world

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Without Toyota in Aichi....the prefecture would be low in tax ! Ha

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Yes Sir, and Congratulations.

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How can you not be #1 when you got Quality, Reliability, Service, and to top it all Affordable.

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Except you can’t get a new one i Australia for at least a year and even if you put a deposit down you will most likely have to pay more! Embarrassing….get you act together Toyota you are losing credibility!

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They are No. 1 here in California, with about 18% market share. Tesla is No. 2 with about 11%.

The update to the Prius line looks good.

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A car without character. No thanks

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Toyota is the only sensible auto manufacture. Anyone who took a physics class class knows power generate at the source of use is most efficient.

The EV push is designed to control the auto industry the way oil did. Developing electricity by nuclear (spent fuel rods, catastrophic accidents), coal, oil, natural gas is actually more harmful to the environment because so much is lost over transmission lines. An ignored topic. The desire to have your utility company control you travel is coming.

Toyota's push for hybrid and hydrogen cars will be the future. The only way EV works is if you have enough solar cells to power you house and car which is a big down payment, now, in the area of $70,000 dollars. How many people do you know who have the ability let alone desire to pay that ( it is many years of electric bills). Realizing that power costs are going to increase the payback will likely shorter but still $70,000. This is with out taking into account the oil it took to make the solar panels

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Good job. Meanwhile, Nissan is still stuck because they would rather care about office politics.

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A car without character. 

If you dare to do your own maintenance and repairs on a modern Toyota you find they very much have a character, but it is not a nice one. They appear to be designed to be easy to assemble but if you ever have to repair anything they are a really bad nightmare. I thought I was being smart to buy a later model Avalon with a timing chain and hydraulic lifters to spare me from costly timing belt replacements and valve adjustments on the older model's shim over bucket solid lifters. Ha, silly me. Instead the new car requires almost as much tear down as a timing belt replacement to get at the rear bank of spark plugs. Replacing the cabin air filter requires part of the center console to come out so you can remove the glove box to get at the filter. Who designs cars like this? Idiots, that's who. No more Toyotas in this family.

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A Toyota upper management executive who attended our church a few years ago put it to me this way:

"I'm proud of working for Toyota, but if I didn't work for the company I would never buy one of our cars, they're so boring. Even Lexus is boring. I would buy a fancy European car with beautiful character and design..."

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Toyota and other car manufacturers in Japan and the world are proud of the number of cars they put on the world's roads and highways every day of every year since the car was invented. There nust be millions and millions and millions upon millions of old cars discarded by their owners. Do Toyota and other car manufacturers in Japan and the world think of this problem ? Bicycle owners throw used cycles in rivers and forests and wherever they think the old bikes will not be noticed. But a graveyard for old cars will require an area at least the size of the whole island of Australia.

And even the European contiment across Russia, Central Asia and Siberia to Japan. And if nothing is done, the day will come when the whole world will become one vast graveyard for cars.

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Nokia had the most sales figures of all time before the release of iPhone. Toyota will end up the same fate as it resists the EV revolution.

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Excellent, very good Japan !!!...

The funniest part of all this is that China rose to third place as an exporter of cars, it took third place from the US (LOL)..

Overseas shipments of cars made in China have tripled since 2020..

In Two Years, China More Than Doubles the US on Car Exports.. (extra LOL)..

Without a doubt, China will soon be the first producer and exporter of cars in the world..


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EV will have life span of that of CD. EV are corrupted due to rare earth mining and all the toxicity that go with EV. In a decade time hydrogen powered drones could be a reality.

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And even the European contiment across Russia, Central Asia and Siberia to Japan. And if nothing is done, the day will come when the whole world will become one vast graveyard for cars.

I don't know about where you live but in the US old cars are usually dismantled for their usable spare parts sold to the public to keep other old cars running and the rest is crushed and recycled. I rely heavily on salvaged parts for my old Audis.

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The figure of $70,000 in investment in solar in order to go electric is not accurate, at least in our case. Our final cost to use solar panels to offset the household electricity, after the 30% tax rebate from the federal government, came to less than $8,000 in 2018. We used Elon Musk's company, and are very happy with our rooftop solar system. A neighbor spent $18,000 for solar in 2017, and does not generate enough electricity to offset what they use, but they have five people living there, plus a swimming pool with a pump that runs most of the time. The pool pump is their single largest user of electricity.

As a retired couple we don't put a lot of miles on the car, so if we were to go with an EV it could be done with fewer solar panels than we put on for the household offset. I haven't done the math. I think if we got an EV we would just charge it from the outlet in the garage in the beginning, and then after a year or so, figure out how many panels we would need to add in order to offset what the EV uses.

Truth be told, we are very happy with our old Buick, and have no intention of upgrading unless we are forced to due to circumstances, such as an accident or theft.

There is talk of encouraging a changeover to electric water heaters from gas water heaters, and from gas stoves to electric stoves. We don't use a large amount of hot water, but an electric water heater would also change the dynamic. If we still had teenagers living at home, we would need a large amount of hot water. We don't use the stove very much, but that would also make a difference.

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$70,000 would buy solar for three US homes. I spent well under $20K for my home system. Charging a car on top of other household uses isn't going to require more than triple the investment in solar panels.

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