Toyota union plans to demand ¥10,100 monthly pay rise per member


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10 700 yen is a lot compare to inflation rate.

6.5 months of bonuses, can't believe it !

Either monthly pay rate is ridiculous, or employees are all billionnaires.

I guess truth is closer to an MOJ statement than workers' opinions.

Why base pay increase not disclosed ? I have my idea...

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6.5 months of bonuses, can't believe it !

It's the stupid way Japanese salaries are calculated. A junior manager on say 8 million a year will not be on 660,000 yen a month. The monthly salary will be more like 400,000 yen (4.8m a year) + 6 months' bonus (2.4m) plus various te-ate allowances for wife, kids, having qualifications etc. that make up the rest.

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I worked in Japan and in my Japanese company at that time, it must have been about 2 months.

Whzt surprised me is that one received bonus based on sole presence, not achievement at all. A pity.

Junior manager at 8 millions/year. Show me where please.

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Junior manager at 8 millions/year. Show me where please.

Toyota, the company the story is about.

Most people at Toyota never earn this much, but most are not managers.

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