Toyota unveils first all-electric SUV in U.S.


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Unless Toyota can bring the charge time in half, the public will not like it. In a bind, who can wait 6 hours to get back on the road, and if you do run out of charge, it will have to be towed as there are not enough electric charging stations in California. They will be lucky to sell that many. Right now, hybrids are the only way to go.

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Why an SUV? Last thing they need is an electric Chelsea Tractor. It won't have the power or range for off-roading and urban streets are no place for 4x4s. They could have used the technology for a decent people carrier or saloon... or taxi as suggested.

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Toyota... are you listening to reality?!

Here is a winner hands down and yet Toyota has yet to bring it to the North American market ... wait for it... the Estima Hybrid (aka Previa). It's the Camry platform and we know the Camry hybrid sells like crazy for Taxi companies and the logic would be that if they sell in Japan to taxi companies like MK then why not in the US and Canada to Taxi companies and soccer moms? Then make an all electric version of that see it sell even more than the RAV4 EV. I mean really Toyota, what were you thinking?!

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