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Toyota utilizing hybrids to help with power crunch


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I admire the initiative taken by Toyota, and by many other major corporations to help out in the time of need and uncertainty for the future, only I got confused reading this part"Recruiting for the new technical school for high school graduates and employees of Toyota affiliates in the northeast will start in July next year. The first class for 10 to 30 students will begin in April 2013," was this a misprint ???? The figure of 10-30 students ??

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This is more of a sad PR move by Toyota. How much impact this will have? None. This is a drop in the buckets and it will not do anything. If they are so sincere about helping people, they should donate much needed solar panels to schools and to other facilities that are in much need of energy. This will help more people.

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The automaker said the positive reviews for its Estima hybrid minivan, which comes with regular electrical outlets to plug in and run household appliances for up to two days, are prompting it to make it available as an option for the Prius within a year

And then you can live in your car and make toast like Ricky in the Trailer Park Boys. Just need a good hockey stick to clear the van if you need to drive somewhere!

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Hybrid cars should be banned from running on electricity. Let them run on gasoline instead like ordinary cars and stop wasting valuable electricity!

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Nice pic. Was he strategically placed?

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Subaru (Fuji Heavy Industries) have had the option of 100V power outlets in their cars for years!

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Hybrids run on gasoline. They generate electricity which can be used to run household appliances. According to the article, the Estima can run the household appliances for two days. I'm assuming this means they have to start the gas engine for an hour or so every two days to generate and store enough electricity. Maybe they can go shopping every two days to generate the electricity then let it sit in the driveway.

What electricity they are using is not from TEPCO's non-existent energy sources. Hybrids produce their own electricity, which is why any hybrids in the Tohoku area will be useful and, probably, welcomed.

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wanderlust Subaru (Fuji Heavy Industries) have had the option of 100V power outlets in their cars for years!

As have Toyota (for more than 10 years in fact), the difference is that those outlets can only be used when the car is running (or for only a matter of minutes with the car off) whereas this new tech can use the Hybrid batteries to power appliances for (probably of a much greater amp rating also) for a couple of days without the car going. See borscht's great post above for the impact of this for the Tohoku area.

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This is a good initiative and it will spur more enterprises to do something.

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You're talking about the 40 or so cars mentioned in the article. I'm talking about the millions of cars not fitted with the system and currently being charged with electricity (and filled with gasoline) in order to run. I'm saying... Make it a rule(for now) to have those cars run on gasoline only in order to save on much needed electricity re: power shortage etc.

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