Toyota warns of 64% drop in full-year net profit

By Shingo Ito

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I imagine Toyota will cope - they have a very very deep war chest!

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They have a very deep war chest...that being Japanese tax payers. We already subsidise their R&D and waver several taxes. Oh that's right the family have supported the LDP for NUMEROUS decades so I guess it's all good.

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Nissan and Honda fell sharply.

Not surprised at all that Nissan fell sharply.

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Love the Nissan GTR........hate the company.

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Dueation in car makers have been uncertain. Negative factors still outnumbers the positive one.

But Toyota projects net profit..not loss.

Toyota is strong.

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I guess by the end of the pandemic,the world will be back to stoneage.

All companies are now kneeling in front of gvt's.

I don't even want to think about airlines.Some or even most are already dead.

I saw news of Virgin Atlantic today on another article and just closed my eyes, didn't read it to the end.

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The world is in a deep automotive depression because China was already in one before the pandemic. Japan, EU and the US will suffer the depression for a long time due to automobile oversupply. Tesla and other EV newcomers as well as luxury auto firms will likely weather the crisis.

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