Toyota will fight for UK plant after Brexit


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“If there are tariffs or specific taxes, because we are exporting 85 percent of our production to continental Europe then it will be bad news. easy Toyota build that new factory within the EU. Im sure there are many EU countries that will give you very good tax rates to setup there . And you still have free market access to the EU , the new factory will have a trade advantage over the UK one.

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****They should move out and let the British stew in their own juices.

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Brexit precludes the idea that new deals cannot be done-that is plainly false! Meanwhile the UK is booming!

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Brexit precludes the idea that new deals cannot be done-that is plainly false! took Canada 7 years to get their FTA with the EU, and they didnt kick the EU in the nuts in the process. UK is going to find it very difficult to get all EU member states to agree to free market access while refusing the free movement of people. Brexit in their view is the UK just trying to cherry pick the good while dumping the rest. The UK is far more dependent on the EU for its exports than visa vera, got some difficult times ahead, and its only a boom while there still free market access and a low pound. dont count on both staying that way in the years to come.

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China is a huge market, would Japan be willing to join a political union with China and have its laws made in Beijing and free movement of labour? I thought not. A case of people ignoring Britains reason for wanting to leave.

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Typical Brexiteer logic: EU laws were "made in Brussels", without any input from the U.K.

Amazing how the tiny nation of Belgium ended up dominating the whole of Europe and making laws which affected France, Germany and Britain without any of those countries being allowed representation or any say in the direction Europe was headed....

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