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Toyota workers in India down tools despite end to lockout


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Assuming that the signature was for a Japanese style Compliance code as we have in our company I would say good on them. Essentially the company I'm in (in japan) compliance code contract says if you run foul with the law or whatever, proven or other wise, you can lose your job. Good on the solidarity of the Indian workers I think. The right to strike is a very important and the ozzies have lost that full right so I hope others don't lose that right either.

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What a idiots, do they know how hard is today car market ? They risk the future fo that factory, I would not be surprised if Toyota close it .

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Toyota posted their highest profits in the past 6 years, and is predicting record profits for 2014. And yet, they cannot give a raise of an additional $15 a month to 6500 people.

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remember folks the longer this plant is closed the bigger loss Toyota rack up. My friend works here in the Derby UK plant and he tells me that they just c**P all over the worker here and the workers are all spineless to stand up to the UK managers so Good luck to the Indian workers stand up for your humane rights!!

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it is shocking that " worlds largest automaker" pays only 50bucks per MONTH to the workers supporting its earnings.Sounds like modern day Japanese Imperial slavery...

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@ nenad, ,no way.Toyota will never close Indian plants,because they have to depend on large markets like India and China for growth.

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@ Pathmasekara Kumara Actually, this isnt pure Toyota factory, its with cooperation with Kirloskar Indian company , and because of that, cars manufactured there are not totally the same as ones sold worldwide , and also, sales from this factory is declining year by year , they only sold 10.000 cars in february 2014 , compare that with february 2013 of 13.000 or february 2012 with 17.000 , ist obvious that this factory has problems beyond this wages . And this factory exist from 97, and they managed this year to sell their one millionth car manufactured in this plant, while in China , that has huge anti Japan sentiment,Toyota China plants managed to sell 917,500 cars for 2013 only. So, I think end is near for this plant , and the reason are simple .

1.Droping sales of Toyota Kirloskar cars in India

2.Workers boycott, or sabotage work

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