Toyota's jobless pin hopes on motor city recovery


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"unlike Detroit, which has been blighted by a decades long decline"

Wasn't GM making billions in profits as late as 2004?


Yeah, they were!

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Sarge, one blip doesn't change the trend.

Aso has straightened this mess out with his new bill. Now it's time to re-elect the glorious LDP, which is synonymous with the government, and therefore Japan itself. All Japanese are LDP, it is our blood to live for the sake of the LDP/Japan.

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LDP: Stands for Living Dead Politicians. You cannot fix Toyota up until the US is back on its feet.

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Reality check for Toyota ! While you all in Japan are expressing your contempt for the big 3 they are about to swing a coup to wipe the Hondas, Mitsubishis, Suzukis, and yes Toyotas off the map. All this concern over GM going bankrupt is a total red herring. GM is about to make a major move into the electric car business on the back of Uncle Sam ! And when it happens foreign automakers are gonna be left in the dust. I can't see penny pinching Japan offering up any support to turn Toyota gas burners over to hybrids or electric... yet that is what is about to happen in the US with their auto manufacturers. This deal has been in the works for years and is part of the US governments strategy to get the US off its dependency of foreign oil. Now the Japanese have been snickering about the fate of Chrysler, GM, and Ford for the last few years... now they are about to get worked by one of the most ingenious business coups in the last 100 years!

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GM is an aging, dinosaur of a company collapsing under it's own weight. While electric cars are a good start, the dream of energy independence is decades away. GM will have gone the way of Studebaker and DeLorean by then.

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